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By: The TUGUN Karate School of Yamaguchi Goju-Kai  07-Jul-2014
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The TUGUN Karate school of Yamaguchi Goju-kai trains every Monday and Thursday afternoons under the instruction of Sensei/s Steve & Jason Mannix. Training commences at 4:30pm on Mondays, and at 5pm on Thursdays. Sensei Steve has been involved in Self Defence and Martial Arts for 46 years now and still considers himself a very keen “student”. Sensei Steve is assisted at the Tugun Dojo with his Son Jason, who is not only a Black Belt, but also a National and International Karate Champion. Sensei Steve recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Goju-kai Karate Grand Master Goshi Yamaguchi and former Australian Branch Chief Instructor Paul Starling Kyoshi Shihan; .for services rendered and continuous Instruction in Goju Karate do. Over the years, Sensei Steve has had many people begin their individual walk in Martial Arts at the Tugun Dojo and their ages range from three years old, to one student who is sixty five years old. Sensei Steve’s own experience in the Martial Arts and Self Defence arena enables him to be able to break down teaching barriers and assist students of all levels to realize and reach their own potential and goals. Sensei Steve’s Martial Arts passion is to be able to help those who desire to learn. Sensei/s Steve and Jason also conduct Woman’s ONLY classes which are very successful and very well supported. Sensei Steve’s class is a delightful walk down memory lane where Discipline, manners, respect and good attitudes are all part of every class. Students are treated with respect, and are all encouraged to treat each other with respect. All students are constantly reminded that no-one is better or worse than anyone else, ‘We are all equal’ Sensei Steve constantly reminds the students. However some will just do things better than others, be It Martial Arts or Computer programming. Seeing is believing and Sensei Steve always has a cup of tea or coffee on the boil for parents watching and waiting. The TUGUN Karate school first started training in the upstairs games room area of the TUGUN Soccer Club more than TEN years ago now, when Sensei Steve was Coaching a soccer team for the Tugun jets. After the first year of training, the student numbers outgrew the upstairs training area of the Tugun Soccer Club and the Karate school relocated to the Tugun Progress Hall, (also named the Tom Atkin hall) where it has been ever since.

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