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By: Climate Wave Enterprises  30-Mar-2013
Keywords: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Imagination & Innovation

Has your company committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability? All the big brands have recognised that these are key words in their marketing campaigns which is driving positive change in all aspects of their business. And they’re realising that incorporating sustainable practices actually saves them money…who would have thought. The penny/cent/euro has dropped and as the price of wasting resources is rising their research is showing the benefits of going green will heighten their brand in your eyes. Imagination & innovation in business are wonderful assets and as this example below shows, thinking outside the square can have enormous positive impacts: One example of a holistic approach to value is the impact of a ride-sharing application that was developed to be used internally by employees. Within just one year, employees in Germany generated more than 22,500 carpools, avoided more than 500,000 kilometers of driving, created an additional 1,400 days of networking and saved 47 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. They estimated the value through cost savings in company fleet and travel, networking and emission reduction generated by the solution during the first year at EUR2.3 million. You don’t have to be a huge company to incorporate corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices, I do and I’m a sole trader. I surround myself with like minded sub-contractors and supply chain, which is getting easier as more and more companies realise that greening their act has numerous benefits. Also companies are coming together for the benefit of their consumers, recognising that by doing this will improve their brand recognition as shown in this example: 120 global companies and organisations have pledged their commitment to join 22 global cities and implement their high impact solutions to challenges such as social exclusion, energy management, urban dereliction, mobility and health. In a unique global effort 22 forward-thinking cities including London, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and Fukuoka opened a competition for innovators to win the opportunity to implement their solutions in a real environment. After a selection process covering 2,535 candidates, 120 providers were invited to present their commitment to partner with cities and help improve the lives of 121 million citizens. So now to swing this information into the event sector – What could possibly be done to raise the CSR for your sponsors and your local event? • Invite environmental organisations to participate for free • Donate left-over food to charities • Incorporate special needs people into your staff & volunteers • Donate a percentage of profits to local charity • Develop an on-line plant a tree campaign for each attendee * Examples shown in this blog came from Corporate Responsibility News Wire Please don’t leave now…would love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, suggestions, comments, a piece of your mind. Greg Howell Climate Wave Enterprises – working with the planet

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Imagination & Innovation, Sustainability,

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