Growing my Fingernails again! I used to bite my nails but I don’t anymore.

By: Satya the BodyWhisperer - Health & Vitality  19-Apr-2016
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My fingernails now grow and I need to file them to keep them the length I want them! I believe I can help you to grow your nails. In my experience, finger nail biting is simply an expression of one or more anxieties. By assisting you to eliminate the anxiety(s) the nail biting simply slips away. How many sessions does it take? It simply depends upon how many anxieties you have running that lead you to bite your nails. For those with a single anxiety linked to nail biting it may take only one 90min. session and a 90 min follow-up four weeks later. For others it takes more sessions – up to fifteen for some, however, my average is three (two sessions two weeks apart with a follow-up four weeks later). And the frequently asked question... "How long after a session until I see or feel results?" Experience shows that some aspects are felt in the next three days while others take up to 30 days to work their way through and then your nails grow our from there. Each session is unique for who you are individually. Is your desire to stop nail biting strong enough? If so, text or give me a call to discover more and we can make you an appointment to get started today. Talk soon... Satya 0425411545 P.S. If by chance you are Not in North Cairns / Trinity Beach, Kawarra Beach, Clifton beach, Palm Cove you may have your session by skype of phone - isn't technology wonderful!

Keywords: 4878, 4879, Chewing Fingernails, Nailbiting,

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