Welcome to Beyond the Smile

Welcome to Beyond the Smile from The Home Business Entrepreneurs

By: The Home Business Entrepreneurs  06-May-2012

Every smile tells a story.  Some a smiles show the excitement and feelings which are seen by every person who comes in contact with them. 

 Some smiles are placed out there to hide something.  A hurt, lose, a regret or a fear.  These are the smiles I want to look at.  To be able to offer something which can help you, take control of what you are thinking and how you are thinking is my purpose.

Two years ago I found myself in this place.  I went looking for total to have what others were having or I thought had.  I found a great which you will hear about on this page, which has totally changed my life and my thinking and now everyday I always find the time where I am at peace with all my thinking and my actions.

This page is interactive and questions are a must to keep the page helping people find their peace of happiness.  If you know of any friends or family send them a link.

I look forward to showing you what I have learnt to create what I have today!

Beyond the Smile!

The hidden beliefs.

This subject is more common than we all realize.  Everyone of us knows someone who is struggling to find that piece of mind, part of happiness or who struggles with the daily torture of Stinkin Thinkin.

What is Stinkin Thinkin? It is  which destroys the actions and the results that any person wants to create.  They only see problems, despair, disruption and FEAR.  What is worse it is compounded by:

  • financial despair,
  •  debt,
  • lack of confidence
  • with drawn attitude towards people and friends
  • alcoholism to cover the pain
  • Right down to suicide to remove the pain.

Beyond the Smile is my incentive to help Rural People and any one else who is or has suffered with this withdrawn attitude to productive thinking.  For the last 2 years I have found a program which has helped me to discover my issues and change my life and start again a prosperous way of thinking and acting.

I dedicate this page to four deceased friends who never had the chance that I have had to help myself and the comments from one young boy have haunted me for years.

“ you were here for shearing, branding, pulling bores and fencing, every time we needed a hand you came, how come you didn’t help this time?”

This boys father was my best mate. We shore together, worked on stock camps, played up at B&S and all this time he suffered from a depression he hid behind a smile. He ended his life and the answer to the question above has made me seek new ways to help anyone in the situation.

No longer can the answer be “we don’t talk about these sort things out here” be the reason to ignore a problem which is growing through out Rural and Regional and now in .

 was formed to help these problems and having come through this problem I chose not to call them and after talking to a few people their feelings have been the same.

“ We aren’t mentally unstable, I just need a better way of thinking”  this was my attitude as well.  If I could just a find something that could help me without having to speak to anyone or telling anyone about my “problem”.   I  just needed a better way to make me  happy without anyone knowing.

I came across a program which was able to rebuild my business, but more than that rebuilt my life.  It enabled me to work through my issues and get a greater understanding of what was causing the problem and design strategies to combat any problems.

How can we help each other?

This page is interactive and has to be so I can answer any questions I can to help you.  For more information on the program leave me a  personal message and I will be happy to speak to you.

Each week I will add a topic to this blog and again if you have any questions send them in.

Lets see the real smile of you!

If only the answers were so simple. 

One of the main things I learnt growing up in Outback  was to SUCK IT UP!  If you had problems keep them to yourself.  It’s what life is about. Get out of your way and move on.  It seemed  a great idea, but in Rural Australia the rates of suicide are huge for a small population.

The vastness of the property and the scarcity of people make this problem hard to control.  Rural People on the whole are tough people and they have to be in some cases just to survive.

Drought, fire and now flood have lessen their income and  they see this action as a devastating event for them.  They work out there because they choose too.  The extremes are different, the work is different but the care for their piece of dirt is emotional.

When a pressure or stress is inflicted then comes the battle of the minds.  The doubt, the continuing mind chatter, the fear, the anger and when all is too late depression and death. 

The FEAR part of the equations is in two forms.

  1. To actually admit something is wrong.
  2. You place yourself to lose everything and you see no way out.

This is a little extract from a close friend of my who took his own life.  It is a true story and I am  working with his wife this year with this program.  It has taken her 4 years to come to terms with his death.

” As I ask myself over and over again, why can’t I get out of this conversation.  It is like a daily night mare that has my head exploding full of anger, hurt, despair, fueled with a liquid poison which is brewing in my head.  I can’t think, sleep, wish or hope.  The darkness behind my eyes is black, my feelings are dead and my time is up, I have gone mad”

It is an amazing description.  Just to think 6 years ago he worked for me and I didn’t know.  I didn’t ask either and 6 years ago I have felt the same feeling.  It is not an experience for the faint hearted and later down the track when I am ready you may hear my story.

One of the main aims of this page is to tell people about the feeling.  In this  I have learnt the art of Journaling.

Journaling is simply writing down your thoughts and finding answers for your questions.  When it come s to questions you have two ways to ask them.  The right way and the wrong way!

If you start your questions

  •  Why was
  • How come

You are setting up past tense answers.  Now we all know your past as a lot of hidden answers, some we want to hear and have to, and some we are happy to just not touch.  When your mental state is low and lethargic, going into your past is traveling down into the depths where down is the direction you will travel.

However if you ask questions which empower your thinking e.g.

  • Who can benefit from helping me
  • What is the best way to move forward
  • Which action can stabilise me etc.

Your think present thoughts and questions deliver a new meaning.  You are searching up instead of down.

As you have already read above.  The rules of depression, fear, despair all differ.  I am not here to tell you want to do or proclaim to be a guru in this field.  I can tell you that I know what the battle of minds did to me and I have experienced identifying some great mates for the Police and in one case removing one mates remains so his family wouldn’t see him.


I just hope some of this information can be used to help and Identify problems people maybe having.  You too can identify these destructive traits.

In answer to the question why didn’t they ASK?  I will answer the question this way, from my experience.

  • I didn’t want to be seen as weak
  • I didn’t know what to say or who to say it too
  • I didn’t want anyone to know
  • I just want some one to give me something without talking to anyone
  • I wanted a quite answer I could figure out for myself.

Back then there wasn’t a I could buy which could give the strategies to work on my self.  There was plenty of Motivational Tapes, but no journal based system which allowed me to measure my wins and restructure my life.

I didn’t want to be BRANDED as a MENTAL CASE!

I was just a bit loose in the steering and needed a service.

Fast forward today we have that .  The information for depressions and mental health is a condition we can manage and handle, without visiting the local shrink!


Your Smile is not just meant to be on your face, it needs to be in your min

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