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By: South Queensland Materials Handling  27-May-2015
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Yale Forklifts The name Yale Forklifts is just as famous around the world for locks as lift trucks thanks to the man who start it all. Linus Yale Junior of Connecticut. In 1844, he founded our company with an invention inspired amazingly by the ancient Egyptians: the first pin-tumbler cylinder lock. Soon these beautifully engineered devices would bring security to the masses. But the skills and machinery employed in their manufacture would also open the door to another great invention. In 1868, Linus met Henry R Towne, a promising engineer from Philadephia, and the two struck up a partnership. Linus Yale, sadly, would never live to see out the first year of this bold new venture but, fortuitously his young partner was as gifted businessman as he was an engineer. In 1875 he seized the chance to acquire the patents to a pulley block and created the first Yale Forklifts hand-powered chain hoist. And with that, the company diversified into materials handling. The first of many firsts. Within just a few years, not only was the company America’s foremost lock producer but also its leading hoist manufacturer. But then in 1923, Yale Forklifts invented the first forklift truck, creating the fundamental handling solution still used to this day. Yale Forklifts has gone from strength to strength, developing further innovations in lift trucks over the years such as power steering, centre-control trucks, caster steering, fluid coupling transmissions and hypoid drive axles. Today, Yale Forklifts is a global organisation. It is consistently the largest producer of lift trucks in the United States and the third largest worldwide. Our lift trucks are manufactured in the United States, Netherlands, Italy and Japan with over 350 dealers in over 62 countries. Doubtless, Linus Yale would be astonished at what has become of the little company he started over 150 years ago. But it was his foresight and innovation that unlocked the legacy we draw on to this day.

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