Heroes helping out people they hardly knew.

Heroes helping out people they hardly knew. from DavesEstateClearance

By: DavesEstateClearance  06-Sep-2011
Keywords: Estate Execuitor

Recently we've met some heroes who were acting as executors for wills that they really didn't have a connection to. An example of heroes were a couple who had befriended an ederly lady who had no family she could talk to. On her death she named them as executors of her will. They were not listed as beneficieries. This couple started the job of clearing the house. After several exhausting weekends they were getting nowhere. They told the solicitor that it simply wasn't possible for them to spend every weekend working on the house. The solicitor gave us a call and we took on the job.

Since Daves Estate Clearance is doing this all the time, we were able to come in and get the work completed. It was a big job as the person had collected many, many items along their life's journey.

With the house ready for market the couple were able to continue acting as executors of the will. We take our hats off to people like this who will help out those who don't have the family available to dismantly the items collected over a lifetime.

Keywords: Estate Execuitor