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Salt Therapy Sessions from Salt Caves

By: Salt Caves  14-Jul-2011
Keywords: Stress, Depression, Alternative Medicine

At Salt Caves our halo-chamber has been specially designed to enhance your experience and maximise the outcomes of your therapy sessions.

The salt cave is a warmed room which has several inches of salt covering the floor, ceiling and walls. We use Himalayan salt crystals - the purest natural salt renowned for its ability to help regulate and promote respiratory and vascular health. 

At the heart of our salt room is a halo generator that breaks down the salt into very fine particles and pumps a dry aerosol salt vapour into the air (like the beach). This allows you to breathe in the microscopic salt particles deep into your lungs and enjoy the healing effects of salt on your skin.

On the hour every hour, you have the opportunity to enjoy a one hour session of salt therapy. The therapy itself is simple, sit back and put your feet up and let your body

The temperature and humidity of the halo chamber is maintained at a constant level for your comfort. Close your eyes and enjoy the serenity of the salt cave or choose to read or listen to music. If you prefer, bring your on music device (iPod/portable MP3 player) and listen through your earphones. The salt cave contains a designated children's area with plenty of toys to play with. Studies have found that children respond very effectively to salt therapy.

There are no specific clothing requirements, though we do encourage you to wear comfortable clothes in the salt room. Many people visiting the salt cave opt to wear swimsuits (which is quite acceptable) so a greater part of the body can be cleansed by the salt particles. While in the chamber, you will be given plastic covers to place on your shoes to preserve the salt's purity.

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