WhizBiz — Whiz Relief Bag

By: Whizbiz  09-Dec-2011

Whiz Relief Bag is a beautifully designed fluid-collection bag with a capacity of 1.6 L. It comes with an integrated 10cm tube which connects directly to the Whiz.

It seals with a hospital-grade quick-release snap lock. The bag has an in built handle for carrying, has instructions printed on the back and is made of tough hospital-grade plastic so you can be confident it can hold it's contents.

What are customers saying?

"I bought a Whiz Relief bag for my caravan. Talk about relief! No more mid-night dashes to the loo in the freezing cold. I can now stay inside." Denise K.

"I used the collection bag and it worked the first time. No leaks and no surprises. 10/10." Helen E.

"Using the relief bag in my chair has made 'going' a lot easier" - AlabamaZZ

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