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By: Whizbiz  09-Dec-2011
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Ladies, the Whiz lets you wee when you can't access a toilet or don't want to sit on a toilet seat. 

You can use it indoors or outside, standing, sitting, crouching or lying down. It is soft, small and external. Simply hold it against the outer curves of the body and let nature and gravity do the rest.

Whiz is clean. We make it from medical-grade, ultra-soft, flexible plastic. We impregnate it with antibacterial and antifungal agents - like the best chopping boards. It also has a fluid-repelling hydrophobic agent. When you've finished using Whiz, rinse it and any droplets will shake off leaving it dry to touch. We've spared no expense to make it the cleanest, highest quality urine director or disposer on the market - the raw materials cost over $50,000 a ton, but that's worth it for your hygiene and peace of mind so you can use it again and again.

Whiz is flexible. You can squish it, roll it, fold it and tuck it away to a small size to store it in a bag or a pocket. When you need to use it Whiz will spring back to shape.

Whiz is small. It's length is about the same as the span from your thumb to your little finger.

Whiz is easy-to-use. You don't need to undress, just unzip a fly or lift up your skirt, hold the Whiz against your body and it will direct the flow a respectable distance from your shoes. It comes with instructions and our FAQ page has plenty more tips on how to use it.

Tens-of-thousands of women use it every day. We've been making Whizzes for over ten years and have given hundreds-of-thousands of fellow women relief and more relief. 

Whiz can be used almost anywhere. People use it in cars, kayaks, tents, sleeping bags, bush-walking, travelling, cockpits, hang-gliders, boats, at festivals and at almost any place you can imagine.

Whiz for reduced mobility. If you have a medical condition that makes it hard to sit or stand then Whiz is for you. Women who are bed or chair bound use Whiz daily. It's perfect it you have a sore back, bad knees or joints.

Whiz for adventure. For the past two decades female adventurers have taken Whiz to the limits. It has climbed all of the world's 10 highest peaks, it has crossed the Arctic and Antarctica. It's even fought wars; we are NATO suppliers for women in the armed forces, and supply Duntroon and Sandhurst military acadamies.

Music festivals. Rock out with your Whiz out :-) Festivals over the globe sell the Whiz. What a relief not to sit on those awful port-a-loos.

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Keywords: Music Festivals

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