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By: Metro Rentals  09-Oct-2012
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Not all Property Management Agencies are the same! QUESTION 1: Is your property manager ensuring that your property is protected against accidental or malicious damage, tenants defaulting on rent, and minimised your risk of being sued? QUESTION 2: Has your property manager shown you how to optimise your property for rent? QUESTION 3: Has your property manager increased your rental return lately? QUESTION 4: Is the ratio of properties managed by each property manager fall within benchmarking figures? QUESTION 5: Does your property manager help you monitor your property's condition and prepare you for future repairs? QUESTION 6: Is your property manager willing to provide you photos of your property or they like to keep you in the dark with the condition of your property? You might be lucky enough to have a great property management team that you can say “yes” to all the above questions. But the honest truth is there is only a small percentage of agencies that really look after their clients and their properties. There are some excellent property management agencies and there are also some highly undesirable ones. They have cost their clients more money, more time and a whole lot of hassle. Selecting a quality property management team is not an easy task, because not all property management agencies are the same. Our guess is that you're probably visiting our website because, you're either unhappy with your current property manager, interested to know whether you've got good property manager or you've recently purchased a new investment property and need a top class property manager to take care of it. metro rentals was founded with a mission to ensure your investment property is: + achieving optimal rental return, + secured with quality tenants, + well maintained for long term investment, + returning rental income on time, + managed by trained industry professionals, + serviced by honest, quality trades people with affordable rates. Meet with a metro rentals property manager for a no-obligation free rental check-up and to answer any questions that you may have. Call 1300 800 396 NOW!

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