Martial Arts Instruction. Self Defence Instruction, Health and well being

By: Queensland Cheng Ming  14-Nov-2010
Keywords: Martial Arts & Self Defence Training, Chi Kung, Martial Arts Weapons

Instruction in the Cheng Ming Lineage of Internal Kung fu. Cheng Ming is the name of the Martial arts system headed by Grandmaster Wang Fu Lai, Successor to the great Wang Shu Chin. With the Cheng Ming school it is possible to learn Ba Gua, Xingyi (Hsing I), and Tai Chi. The complete syllabus is huge covering the complete arts, all the weapons, the Chi Kung (Zahn Trung - Stake Standing). Studying With Brisbane Cheng Ming gives the student opportunities to travel Interstate or Internationally to Train with Grandmaster Wang, Seminars, Tournaments Etc.
Cheng Ming is not just 3 complete Martial arts Systems, it is equal parts of Health ( Chi Kung, Chinese Medicine, Meridians, Diet, Meditation, Well being etc.) and Philosophy ( Yin Yang, Ba Gua, I Ching etc)
Cheng Ming Grows exponentially every year, Italy and New Zealand adding to the list of countries where it is taught.

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