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Creativity Lab - Supercharge YOUR Ideas! from Creativity Lab

By: Creativity Lab  24-May-2012
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Do you have a project that you have been procrastinating on forever? Maybe you are bored with it, don’t know what to do next to bring it to fruition or you think you are just too busy to work on it, even though you know “IT IS Important!” Or maybe you have shiny new object syndrome – are there zillions of half done projects languishing around your office or lurking inside your laptop? Is it possible you have so many ideas that you are more than a little overwhelmed? Or have you run into the blocks of self-doubt and judgment… maybe caught yourself wondering why anyone would want to hear what you have to say? The good news is, there is a different possibility - it's called Creativity Lab. You CAN change all of this really fast! In just a few days… with way more fun and creative energy than you have on your own! What is Creativity Lab? Creativity Lab is three days of producing insane amounts of great work, amidst experimentation, aha! moments, collaboration, joy, laughter, nurturing and heaps of practical support! What if you didn’t feel stuck or creatively stifled anymore? What if you could discover your own creative alchemy in getting things done? What else would you create? How much more could you do if you could get into your creative flow with ease? You’ll discover skills and processes you can use every day to supercharge your curiosity and your creativity. And another gorgeous thing…we’ll be clearing the limitations and energetic blocks that you have around all of this stuff too so you’ll perceive time, energy, creative space and all of your ”must do’s” totally differently after you have been hanging out at Creativity Lab for three days! What project or creative adventure is calling you? You don’t need to know what it is right now (although it is cool if you do!) You just need to be willing to discover a totally new approach to time, energy, creative space and work that will change the way you embark on any project or creative adventure! Just know your project will call your name the moment you are ready to discover what else could be possible that you haven’t imagined yet! And, Creativity Lab will contribute to your awareness too… there are more than 9 different and dynamic creative spaces to play and create in, plus a huge garden with swings, boats, hammocks and other surprises… which all adds up to beautiful and luscious possibilities for being totally in the flow and moving forward fast! Are you starting or finishing something? For example... Book or eBook Book proposal Online product or Product design Project outline Speakers kit Kick-Ass Audio or Video content - we have the tools onsite for production. Your website Marketing or Business A new business, career change... or even an event? The possibilities for your project are unlimited! Or are you looking for unexpected and momentous discoveries… What is the life I would truly like to have? What would it be like to have more time to create what I desire? Who am I choosing to be if/when I grow up? What could change my relationship with…work, money, creativity? What am I going to do different with this stuck thing that needs to change? What can I invent or create to become a productive force of magnitude? How would I go about creating a totally different reality? Even if you come to Creativity Lab with no idea of your project or adventure, you’ll discover something that delivers alchemy and magic for how you work. We’ll get to the bottom of what it is you truly desire to put out in the world, explore unexpected choices and discover the ease of change…Yippee! How immersion in Creativity Lab can change everything! Insane amounts of stuff gets done while you’re having fun and eating decadently good home-made chocolate brownies with raspberries… And you still get to chill out and laugh more than you have for a long time! It’s the processes and the energy we create that makes it work (and you feel like you’re not working… even though you are – incredibly productively)! Once you’ve experimented, had FUN with your project, maybe even changed some things and immersed yourself in nature… you will have an entirely different relationship with everything! Most of all, you get to feel good about you! And you’ll leave with a plan for going back to the real world that will allow you to tap into your creative essence at will! So you can keep getting stuff done even when you are not actually experimenting in Creativity Lab. Would you like to… Know how to turn stuck stressful things into fun exploratory things? Find the most surprising and unmistakeably YOU creative approaches to pretty much everything? Not be impoverished by sneaky limitations anymore? Find hidden pockets of random playfulness? Fall in love with your work? Discover your kind of alchemy & your true energy? Get lots of amazing tricks and tips? Then we invite you to join us for the next Creativity Lab! 12-14 June 2012 @ 9am – 6pm each day… Sunshine Coast, Australia! You can book your place at the bottom of this page! What can I expect at Creativity Lab? 3 Days of actively creating new products and possibilities for your business! Delve into our hot tips on choosing a project that you can move forward with effectively in our time together. 9 delicious playful spaces (indoor and outdoor!) where you can write, produce video or audio, relax and just be, reflect, get inspired, be creative, inspire others, receive feedback on your ideas and more. We will shift the energy on anything that has you wired – the tools we use are light, fun and you don’t even need to know what caused your universe to go haywire to create the change! These energetic tools (from Access Consciousness) can also expand your business dynamically rather than operating from limitation or contraction. How does it get any better than that? 3 days of informal business coaching with Lisa Murray and Diva Diaz, including creative group conversations where we infuse your ideas with desirability! We will explore your questions and create more bliss in business with you. A generous and non-judgmental collaborative environment for sparking ideas and receiving feedback. The opportunity to FINISH something that has been hanging around for way too long in a supportive and productive environment!! And some take-home valuables... 6 ‘Expand Your Business’ conversations that will allow you to create your business or career beyond your imagination (You’ll receive the audio recordings to take home too!) You can play with 20+ of our favourite checklists and action plans to enable you to produce common projects quickly and easily. Know what you need to do and how to get it done faster than you imagine possible. (We'll send them out to you a few days before we start... in case you need to prepare!) Clarity around your capacities, talents and abilities… what is your distinctive difference that you bring to the world? And there’s more awesome stuff too! Mini Access Bars Sessions: No, not a minibar like in a hotel, simply the most relaxing and brain de-cluttering hands-on head treatment you have ever experienced! A 20 minute mini bars session... a) Generates space in your brain for epiphanatic (is that a word?) moments b) Feels like the best massage you have ever had c) Can often be way better than 8 hours of sleep… you could end up more excitable than the energizer bunny! W is for Wednesday Wine: On Wednesday evening, you are invited to join us for a very chilled wine-and-cheese evening... there’s music, delicious conversation and stargazing if you choose… (Totally optional but we would definitely recommend it!) Even More Daily Awesomeness: Space to just be you... without judgments or expectations… whatever you choose is totally cool with us (as long as you respect the other players!) Mouth-watering snacks. A chance to be the catalyst you’ve always wanted to be… Epiphanies and awareness. Discovery of hidden talents aka superpowers. Witness Diva’s spontaneous performances when she gets creative (she’s funny!) The opportunity to ask us pretty much anything you like about your business or your projects or whatever you’re working on... (two business coaches... three days... what do you need to know to supercharge your business or life?) Your Drug of Choice Has (not so) Secret Side Effects! As in... Creativity Lab is a really good productivity drug and the side effects show up when you aren’t looking! New Friends…You won’t even find Creativity Lab mildly interesting unless you are interesting, creative and on a mission to BE someone who can change the world. So it’s likely you’ll discover other people who are different like you… that you will come to adore! (That’s what happened when Lisa and Diva first met… instant friends show up in surprising places) These beautiful people will end up not just eating chocolate icecream with you but contributing ideas and spreading the word about how glorious and magical your creations are …whenever you’re ready... Limitless! At our first mini Creativity Lab (before it was even called Creativity Lab!), we accidentally solved heaps of stuff we weren’t even actively working on. And we got about 3 months of work done in 3 days... so much fun! Like, all of a sudden Diva loves writing her blog instead of totally refusing to have one...And Lisa has stopped getting annoyed about people who copy her ideas (mostly badly!)… And we totally unexpectedly created Creativity Lab itself!! How does it get even better than that?? Choices. Once you have had the experience of working productively in a way that is not stressful, not painful(ly boring) and not full of blocks and barriers … everything can be different because you have experienced the beginning of what is possible. We provide the space and the info to get you moving... but you still have to CHOOSE to move forward! What and how much you create is entirely up to you. (We do have some super effective tools for getting you moving though...) Things you need to know about Creativity Lab! There will be light snacks at the Creativity Lab at all times. And water, coffee and tea. Oh, and wine for the late afternoon wine-down (please BYO). There is no internet access at the Creativity Lab. You might not think so now, but trust us, this truly is a good thing! (You can bring a smartphone or a wireless dongle if you really really really need to be online for your project… but we would suggest getting as much online research done before you come (we’ll provide a welcome kit once you’re registered with more ideas on this.) There are shops and nature walks just a few minutes away. Whatever you need is close at hand even though you’ll feel like you are in the country! Although we’d love to have you around, Creativity Lab is not live-in! So please ensure you have accommodation. If you need nearby accommodation suggestions, please let us know. And last but not least... why this is so much better than working at home, alone. The power of mojo… and flow! Have you ever noticed that it’s easy to feel amazing when you’re tapping into the collective creative energy of everyone doing their awesome thing at once? Have you ever been to a concert? You will have incredibly ground-breaking Things To Do even if you get stuck ...because Creativity Lab is designed for breakthroughs and brilliant discoveries. We have lots of tools and processes to allow you to break free! Everything works so much better and faster when there’s joy, laughter, inspired plans, a schedule that is actually fun, awareness of possibilities, smart people and beautiful spaces. You can book for Creativity Lab at www.CreativityLab.Biz! 12 - 14 June 2012 - Tewantin, Sunshine Coast, Australia! Earlybird (Payment prior to 31 May 2012) = $695 (incl GST) Payment from 1 June 2012 = $995 (incl GST) Call Diva: 0451 164 639 to book now!

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Creativity Lab - Supercharge YOUR Ideas!

Have you been procrastination on a project, an idea or your business? You can now Supercharge YOUR Ideas and get help completing any project at Creativity Lab! 3 Days of support, brainstorming, talks, clearing limitations, coaching and creative fun that will change your business right away! What are you waiting for? Join us 12-14 June in Tewantin http://CreativityLab.Biz