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By: Coaching 4 Life  07-Mar-2011
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At Coaching 4 Life we offer fast effective help when you want to stop smoking.

If you are a smoker you don’t need us to tell you that smoking rots the arteries into the eyes causing dimming eyesight, or, in men,the arteries into the penis causing impotence, how it softens the gums or causes 90% of lung cancers, how the the 2,000 destructive chemicals in tobacco cause anxiety and depression. You already know all that stuff and more.

What you may not know is that regardless of how long you have been smoking, your body will quickly feel the benefits from your decision to quit. The health benefits to you include:

    • - within a matter of hours the oxygen levels in your blood increase
  • - the nicotine and carbon monoxide decrease.
  • - within days you will experience changes in your sense of smell, taste, and breathing.
  • - exercising will become easier.
  • - within one month your blood pressure and pulse rate can begin to decrease while your circulation increases.
  • - within three months the small hairs inside your lungs (cilia) will start to re-grow and your lung function improves.

Then of course you are reducing the risk of heart disease, lung disease, cancer, stroke and emphysema. Plus you get to do other things with the money you no longer give to the tobacco industry.

You may even have attempted to get rid of this addiction before. When you decide to quit this time you can benefit from the assistance of powerful and effective techniques that will easily and quickly change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours and reinforce your decision to go from being a smoker to a non-smoker.

Your personalised session will be specifically tailored to suit your individual needs and to deliver the results you have already chosen. To take the step to become a non-smoker and give your health and life a whole new dimension call now!

To make an appointment, or to find out how we can help you,

Call Coaching 4 Life, now, on

0427 914 214

Keywords: Quit Smoking

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