Testimonial from very happy finance customer

By: Easy Settle Finance  17-Sep-2011
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 We were struggling to find a bank/lender who would finance us to build our home.  Everytime we applied, there was something holding us back whether it being the fact that it was a 'build', or that one of us was a stay-at-home mum with only a centrelink income, or that one of us had only a casual position in the workplace.  We had already demolished our previous home and were quickly running out of options, our last resort was to sell our waterfront property.
Thankfully, we found Easy Settle Finance.  Their name says it all.  We were granted finance, and it was done promptly and most importantly with ease. We are forever greatful for Jack O'Reilly and his friendly team, whom without their assistance, we would have never had our home built.  Easy Settle Finance looked beyond the computerised figures and saw that we had the equity, stability and most importantly the income to meet our monthly repayments without struggle.  Alot of conditions in Lending have changed over the last 12 months, and it is harder to get a loan, however Easy Settle Finance got the job done without the hassle.  They are Fast, Friendly and Co-Operative and we highly recommend their services.

Ryan, Annette and Michelle

Gold Coast, QLD

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