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By: Allergy Free Coach   05-Jun-2013
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Heidi Finlay is the Founder of Allergy Free Coach a company dedicated in teaching through life first hand experience about the challenges faced with living with Food Allergies , Intolerances & Sensitivities. Dedicated and wanting to Empower other families to create a new relationship with food along with their own self to find meaning and purpose along the journey. As a mother of Four children with Food Allergies and Intolerances , over the past 12 years I have been where you might be now, struggling from the day our first child had his very first reaction , this was the first time my husband and I had ever had known or experienced a life threatening Allergy at all. This without me truly knowing was the start of our journey. We have learnt so much over the past 12 years through first hand experience of living with the challenges , hours of research and blame as us parents do, we ask ourselves why? And what did I do wrong? Well I soon learnt that they were definitely the wrong questions. I Researched to try and help find the answers to those questions, when little did I know they we're out of my hands. So now what I truly believe and passionate about is to help others fast track their families allergy journey and help you with some awesome solutions to give you the support I only wished I had.To give you some easy basic recipes to start with that are allergy free and fast to make as let's face it with big or little kids we need save as much time as we can. Some awesome tips for allergy friendly parties , and most of all tools you can use to keep you on track and to keep you with a positive mind , to make positive allergy safe decisions and still live your life. I also know a high percentage of allergy parents become so overwhelmed and snowed under with the diagnosis and the lifestyle changes, the continuous stress and worry of loosing a child to these allergies, because of this we have a high rate of depression amongst us. Yes that topic most ignore and we hide from, though I myself have been on this journey as well and I really do know what it's like first hand, though along the way I have had some awesome teachers teach me some great strategies, as well as reading books then putting all into action first hand as I don't want to be out there teaching what I can't do myself i strive to lead by example, all this has helped me to get back on my feet a few times now and through that dark cloud in turn helping me to make some awesome life changes for the better. I have already been helping others along the way. Helping them to even understand different names for allergens and also provided great easy fast and easy recipes. I have created and changed delicious recipes to help make simple and less stress, in turn allowing more time to do other things in life you love. I would so love to help you on your allergy journey and to fast track some hurdles I found along the way on my journey. So please contact me today for free 1/2 hour consultation to see what I can do to help you and I also will be sure to keep you up to date with my future workshops , talks and book.

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