Martial arts

By: Tuff Mutha Fight Gym  08-May-2012
Keywords: Fitness, Martial Arts, Fitness Training

Tuff Mutha Fight Gym is a martial arts gym at Sumner Park offering classes for everyone from the beginner to those wanting to compete or pursue a fight career. Offering classes in Muay Thai, MMA, submission wrestling, grappling, ju-jitsu, boxing, self defence there is something to suit all ages and fitness levels. Come and train in a respectful and professional club with modern facilities including a cage, ring and ample mat space and train with friendly and experienced instructors. Feel the benefits of martial arts - fitness, weight loss, discipline, focus, confidence and respect, the benefits are many for both kids and adults. Group classes or private lessons for those preferring one on one. Flexible classes to suit everyone's lifestyle no matter how busy you are. There are also strength and conditioning classes offered that give you a fun and effective all over body workout. Circuit based you will do things like flip tyres, hit tyres with a sledgehammer, kettlebells, plyo box jumps, hurdles, ropes etc. A fantastic combination of weights and cardio, you will get results fast!

Keywords: Boxing, Fitness, Fitness Training, Ju-Jitsu, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Mma, Muay Thai, Self Defence, Submission Wrestling