ABS Turbocompressor HST

ABS Turbocompressor HST from Sulzer Pumps Wastewater Australia Pty Ltd

By: Sulzer Pumps Wastewater Australia Pty Ltd  19-Aug-2012
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With more than 800 units installed since 1996 the ABS turbocompressors HST have become the byword for high efficiency and very low maintenance costs. With their proven energy savings andlower maintenance cost the ABS turbocompressor provides market leading life cycle costs, reduced CO2 emissions and fast pay-back.

Magnetic bearings – Minimal energy loss and no mechanical wear.
The non-contact electromagnetic bearings and the high speed rotor of the ABS turbocompressor operates entirely without lubrication and without contact, which also means no mechanical friction or wear. The variable speed control keeps the machine at its optimal operating efficiency at all times, maximizing the energy utilization

Integrated design – Compressor, motor, frequency converter and control cabinet built in;a package easy to install.

Small footprint – Smaller compressor room, lower building cost.

Low installation cost – No external starters or controls required. No crane or special foundation needed.

System modularity – Allows parallel operation of numerous compressors allowing tailor made installations.

Compatible – Can operate in parallel with all types of compressors allowing flexible refurbishment.

Modular system design – configurable to your changing requirements
The ABS turbocompressor HST can be configured in groups to suit your aeration requirement. The ABS Master Control Unit optimizes the compressor operation to match the desired output and controls the group of machines just as you would control a single unit. This optimizes the operation of thewhole group in terms of output as well as energy consumption. You can even configure ABS turbocompressors to operate in parallel with conventional compressors and blowers. The modularity offers several benefits:
• Installations can be upgradedby adding machines if plantrequirements change giving flexibility and risk reduction.
• During periods of lower loads partof the system can be on stand-by reducing energy consumption.
• Systems designed for peak loadswill have stand-by units available during normal load providing maximum security.
• No mechanical contact between surfaces

Other benefits include
• No friction
• No wearing
• No oil lubrication
• Vibration free operation
• Continuous rotor balancing monitoring

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