Brads 12 week challenge WIN

By: Carpe Diem Personal Training  29-Jun-2012
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With my own business and 4 kids, life can get hectic. I was putting on the kgs very gradually and feeling bad about myself at approximately the same rate. The worse you feel the less you seem to feel like doing and before I knew it I was out of shape and needed a swift kick in the pants to get moving again. I had so many bad habits to break! I decided that a challenge of some sort was what I needed. Something to focus on and work towards and the Ideal Bodies Online challenge was presented to me by Peter from Mass Nutrition Chermside. For the first week I didn’t do any weights but focused mainly on getting my head in the game. I went to Peter at Mass Nutrition Chermside and picked his brains on what supplements he thought would be best for my journey. I started with Body Effects which was to perk up my energy during the day, thermo burn protein which was to aid in muscle recovery and fat burning and I also grabbed some Amino chewables to help with muscle development. I really enjoyed the taste of the Thermo burn and found the body effects really helped me sustain energy levels during the day. The Amino chewables proved to be a tasty and welcome snack in my very bland meal plan. Every week I would break a bad habit by introducing a good one. So for example: Week 1: I Introduced 3 x 1 hr walks Week 2: Start using low fat milk in breakfast and begin the weights Week 3: Introduce more protein to morning tea and afternoon tea and cut out some carbs Week 4: Cut down Alcohol to only weekends There were constant battles along the way though. Things like making time to cook an omelet for breakfast with 4 kids to organize and finding time to get to the gym after a long day which meant leaving them all home longer with my fiance, proved to be the real challenge. Making sure in the small amount of free time I have that I had organized to have the eggs purchased prior to the morning meal, making sure I had enough time free at lunch to cook my chicken, making sure I packed my protein shake to take to work and making sure I didn’t forget to leave room in there for cardio and weights. Time management was a big issue initially, but once it becomes a priority it all just seems to fall in to place. Once I started seeing results my time management focus went from strength to strength. As I got nearer to the end of my challenge I realized I hadn’t lost as much weight as I had planned so I went back to Pete at Mass Nutrition Chermside and he suggested I start using Oxy Elite which is a thermogenic. I could feel this bad boy working in my early morning work outs and the weight literally started to melt off. This really motivated me to see what else Mass nutrition had up their sleeve so I went back and got the cyto sport monster aminos to keep these muscles pumped as I dropped the carbs. As my journey got near to the end I realized I needed to get ready for the photo shoot so I grabbed some Xtract which is a diuretic and prepared to water load and then deplete for the big final day. I learnt so much over this 12 weeks about myself, my body and the importance of supplements on such a journey. Joining the Ideal bodies online challenge has really changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to see where I can go now with all these great supplements by my side!

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