By: Takes Care Psychology   04-Oct-2011
Keywords: Depression Counselling, Psychologist, Counsellor


"Her gift to capture shattered and scattered thoughts is rare indeed.

Glistening and beckoning her stronger gift which guides the way you look at your thoughts and associated interpretations allowing you to rebuild your mind bridges remains like a diamond in the sky.

Always be open to learning. I am so glad to have met a rare diamond who can re-ignite the senses of the mind." (Name withheld from Brisbane)


"Katayoon has been helping me to resolve some long-term posttrauamatic stress. She has been a wonderful guide and helped me to understand the root of my problems and to realise my own power to change things for the better. I have recommended Katayoon to a friend and would highly recommend her to anyone who is in great need."  (Elly from

Keywords: Counsellor, Depression Counselling, Psychologist, Psychologist Stones Corner

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