Remedial massage and holistic health, Stafford

By: HUMAN ENERGY  27-Nov-2011
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At Human Energy, you don't just come for a remedial massage - you can go to any remedial massage clinic in Stafford for that! A client of Human Energy remedial massage and holistic health receives so much more.

Years of experience have taught Luke that very often in parts of the body, behind physical pain we store emotional tension, knowingly or unknowingly. Physical releases through remedial massage or crystal therapy can also trigger emotional releases. Addressing and resolving emotional traumas, through massage or alternative therapies, can help restore harmony to the body and alleviate some of our body's aches and pains.

Usually when we get pain such as headache, muscle or joint pain, the normal reaction is to reach for medication, which can help to temporarily mask the symptoms. However, it does nothing to address the real underlying cause. Pain can manifest itself in a physical way however the root of the problem can often be emotional. At Human Energy, Luke tries to understand the physical and emotional reasons behind the pain, by taking a holistic approach, through various treatments including remedial massage and alternative therapies.

By restoring balance and harmony to the body, through remedial massage and other treatments, the body will be revitalised and will have long-term wellbeing. The mind, body and soul are inter-connected. By taking steps to improve your body's wellbeing, health and your mind, through remedial massage and holistic health, you can deal with the emotional issues which may be the real cause of your physical pain. Luke will tailor a treatment that suits you.

Due to it's high quality and award-winning reputation in remedial massage and holistic health, it has since become the leading remedial massage and holistic health clinic on Brisbane's northside.

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