By: Powerbusters   30-Jun-2012
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The Smallest and Most Efficient Electricity Optimizer,

for Residential, Small and Medium sized Businesses

The Loop-On Voltage Optimizer is an ALL-IN-ONE energy efficiency device which provides many benefits to your power quality needs. It immediately reduces energy consumption by improving power efficiency, reducing energy consumption (KWh), reducting current and apparent energy (kVA), reducing losses due to conduction and stabilizing the voltage supply to your premises. This unit comes with a built-in Current Surge Protector, Voltage Stabilizer, Power Factor Correction Systems, Harmonic Filters and a Lightening Arrestor.

Built around proprietary and patented technology, the Loop-On Voltage Optimizer helps to improve the power distribution quality, extending the life of electrical appliances by providing a stabilized power supply which can produce substantial energy savings and help you to utilize your energy more efficiently.

Technical Specification

Input Voltage                                      100 ~ 250 VAC

Rated Frequency                                50 Hz ~ 60Hz

Voltage Optimisation

How is it possible to optimise voltage on a site-specific basis?

The statutory supply range for electricity in Australia is 216V to 253V (i.e. 230V

-6% to +10%). Due to the fact that transmission losses occur through the

electricity grid, the majority of premises receive voltage at the high end of this

range. This is to ensure that the premises located at the extremities of the grid

receive voltage above the minimum allowable level.

However most electrical equipment used in Australia is designed to function

optimally at 220-230V and will even operate effectively down to 200V. When

motors and equipment operate at voltage levels higher than what they are

designed for (i.e. greater than 220V) there is a degradation of the equipment

and energy is lost through heat, vibration etc. (the iron losses are proportional

to the square of the voltage increase). This over-voltage leads to significantly

higher electricity consumption due to the energy that is wasted.

From the extensive data logging that we have performed across Australia, we

estimate that approximately 90% of sites in this country are operating at an

over-voltage level (with an overall average of approximately 240V) and could

therefore significantly benefit from installing The SEIZECO Energy Saving Unit

to optimise their voltage.

This unique technology optimises voltage, enabling motors and equipment onsite

to operate within their optimal (and design specified) voltage range of

between 220-230 Volts, while also delivering energy savings to the end user.

With >99.8% internal efficiency, The SEIZECO unit is able to reduce voltage

without increasing current and hence achieves a net reduction in power usage

for the same net output of motors and equipment.

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