7 Reasons You need Paramount Video on Your Website

7 Reasons You need Paramount Video on Your Website from Paramount Video Productions

By: Paramount Video Productions  20-Apr-2013
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7 Reasons You Need Paramount Video On Your Site Video is becoming a must-have on the Internet. How can you benefit? Bear in mind we are walking through a revolution in communication – the digital revolution. We are time-poor: computers give us increasingly more work to do. We need information delivered fast - video achieves this. But, just as with the spoken word, with writing and with any communication we want the message delivered with style – style that engages, entertains and educates. Style that grabs our attention, gets us hooked and makes us hang in there to the end. In this series of articles we explore how you can get ongoing, affordable video to increase profits, communicate better and build your brand. By keeping your website fresh with new video content, you can make it dynamic and interactive. You can make it a magnet that attracts attention. Alternatively, you may just want to keep your staff and customers better informed. Here are the questions you ask: how can I use online video effectively; which companies offer the best web video production; besides using on my website what added value can I get; should I make a corporate video for my website or another type of video and what companies in Brisbane, Logan or and Sydney should I work with? Please think of this series of articles as a workshop. At any time go to the Paramount Video Productions website http://paramountvideo.com.au to discover and explore. On the menu, go to Marketing or Training or Events. In Marketing, choose a section such as Web Videos. Bear in mind this company is a leader in Brisbane Video Production. Phone me at 1300 656 269 if you need help. Before we look at the seven points below, some observations. Why is video so popular: it is more interactive than text and viewers relate better to video. Video is social, mobile, interactive, profitable, trackable, brandable and the list goes on. Did you know that in September 2012 US Internet users engaged in over 39.8 BILLION video views? If you have not incorporated effective video on your site it is time to seriously start considering it. If not, you are behind the times - your competitors will overtake you. Note the words effective video: don’t make the mistake of thinking just any video will do. The topic must be well researched, well scripted, carefully constructed to appeal to the target market in style and form; it must entertain and educate. It must have rhythm and pace that compels the viewer’s brain to lock in. In summary, an effective video is a combination of many different elements. Only master craftsmen/women can achieve this. What your customer (or audience) wants in a video is TV quality. He/she views TV a lot - TV has become the standard your customer expects. You may know that TV is a multi-billion dollar industry with highly skilled experts. TV Producers, after ten years of training, are able to combine all the elements needed to compel the viewer to watch. They are skilled in using content and style to aim at specific target markets such as: children 5 to 12, teenagers male 12-19, female 20 – 30, and much more You get the picture. Advertising Agencies do the same thing. They craft the message to the audience. The lesson here for you? Do not underestimate the complexity of video. You need an expert in mass communication. Do not go for the cheap and nasty – it will not work and it will make your brand look cheap. Hire top professionals, preferably with TV experience, who use all the elements to aim a message directly at your target market. Thank you for sharing this time with me, Producer Trevor at Paramount Video Productions. I hope these ideas help you understand: (1) the necessity of video (2) the complexity of video (3) the need to get TV-style quality. In section two we go on to seven reasons you need video on your website. Contact me to get section two. www.paramountvideo.com.au 1300 656 269 [email protected]

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