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By: Xtreme Internet Technology Company  20-Sep-2011
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The rise of digital surveillance systems has laid bare analog’s many shortcomings. Analog CCTV security systems, while not only providing far lower imaging quality, are generally maintenance intensive, offer no remote accessibility, and are notoriously difficult to integrate with other systems. Despite these obvious deficiencies, the end user who has invested in cameras, cables, and more, and is satisfied with the current quality is right to ask, “Why buy new equipment?” In addition, implementing a digital system does not require throwing away those trusted (and already paid-for) cameras. With IP Surveillance, you can still use all the cameras, lenses, and cables in place through this step-by-step migration to digital technology.

Combine the quality, functionality, ease of use and future proofing provided by  systems, and ask yourself - why settle for anything less? Both you and your business deserve better. Read on, and see for yourself. You can .

The benefits in picture quality of IP cameras are easy to describe, however words alone do not do their true level of detail justice. Compare below:

Note not only the difference in picture detail and image quality, but also scope of the image. Intricate details such as words, numbers, facial features and signage can all clearly be made out, while the area of coverage is also far wider than that of the traditional analogue CCTV security camera by a large margin.

Cutting-Edge Image Clarity
Conventional coaxial cable based cameras are limited to a maximum picture quality of 480 lines. One of the key advantages of an IP Surveillance systems technology is its 1024 or higher number of lines. With triple or higher picture quality than conventional coaxial cable based security cameras, a significant advantage is seen with the ability to capture faces, number plates and other significant items in much greater detail. Most coaxial based systems will only give you a reliable facial picture if the camera is pointed directly at the person's face within a distance of 1-2 meters. With the IP camera system they can be much further away and you can still capture their face for identification purposes.

Future Proof Cabling
Conventional coaxial cable based cameras rely on separate coaxial and power cable being run to each camera which can often be time-consuming, untidy and expensive. Most IP cameras however, use only one data cable to each camera which handles both power and data. In addition to this, the IP cameras are incredibly versatile allowing alternative means of connecting the cameras using wireless technology, phone lines, and even multiple cameras operating from the one data cable. And all of these options without any loss in picture quality. Conventional coaxial-based security cameras are not as versatile and lose picture quality the further the cable is run or if transmitted wirelessly.

IP cameras use standard CAT5 network cables which can be used for many purposes. This allows you to provide additional services in future via the installed surveillance cabling. This could be in the form of Internet Access for Staff Computers, VoIP (Voice over IP) Phones, Music / PA Announcement Systems, Wired & Wireless Internet Access for Guests as well as other data based services. This versatility of the cabling makes it a much wiser investment.

Axis and IQInvision IP wired and wireless security cameras are considered the best in the industry and are used by many airports and government departments. They can connect to any kind of IP network and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm. Features can include support for 2-way audio for recording audio and even relaying audio back to the camera into a loudspeaker, megapixel resolution, Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) functionality, excellent night vision and much more.

Weather-Proof Housing -
While some outdoor IP cameras come with integrated weatherproofind, we ensure those that don't housed in efficiently cooled and highly weather resistant dome enclosures. As an anti-vandalism measure, they all have a heavy-duty lower lens cover for impact resistance. The domes are made from a thermoplastic fiber composite construction: they will not rust or corrode and are highly shock resistant. 
The built-in IR LEDs allow the camera to see in the dark, while the CPCam 4 channel network DVR utilizes MPEG-4 compression and features pentaplex operation (simultaneous live display, recording, playback, back-up, and networking). The standard enclosure features IP and analog PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) camera compatibility and is both water and air tight - perfect for harsh environments. 

Xtreme's expertise in Wireless and IP surveillance systems have now combined to provide you with the ability to cover any area with both Wireless Internet and High-Definition IP Surveillance security using one system!

The integration of IP Wireless Security Camera Surveillance systems with our Wireless Internet system has been implemented nation-wide and is a unique and highly effective security solution.

Wireless Integration can be used to simply provide connectivity to remote wireless security cameras at your location or can even be integrated directly with our Wireless Hotspot solution. Integration with our Wireless Hotspot solution would allow you to utilise the same Wireless Backhaul system for both IP Surveillance and Hotspot access with each type of traffic securely separated such that Hotspot users can't access the Surveillance systems network and vice-versa. This integration is a great help, especially for installations with a larger surface area to cover, as it eliminates excessive cabling costs and setup difficulties and provides a far more flexible and adaptable option that traditional coaxial cable setups. 

The  provides end-user and hotspot owner support, secure credit card payment gateways and much, much more.

We have designed and installed Wireless Internet and Surveillance security systems for customers such as NRMA Holiday Parks, FreeSpirit Resorts, Gold Coast City Marina and over 100 other locations around Australia.

With our expertise, technology and experience, coupled with the flexibility that wireless security cameras offer, no job is too large or too hard, and our systems will provide optimal service for your needs both now and into the future.

Keywords: Ip Cameras, Security Alarms, Security Cameras

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