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By: Gold Coast real estate photography - Alinga  04-Jan-2012
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If you are getting ready to take stunning property photography for real estate the best advice is to hire us. Despite that, here are some tips, which can help you to create stunning photos of your property and prompt casual prospects to become serious buyers! Check your camera before clicking: Before you reach the site, check that your camera has enough memory and that the batteries are fully charged. Also, don’t assume that the quality of pictures of your property photography is equal to that of a professional SLR camera. To get professional shots, place your camera on a tripod to remain steady while you shoot. Think before you shoot: If you think you’ve got the right angle, think for a minute about the image in its entirety and then shoot. Wide-angle lenses produce more distortion than a telephoto lens; you need to remain level to avoid those triangle and weird looking objects. Familiarize yourself with your camera before shooting: If you know your camera settings well before you start shooting, you can do a decent job of getting the right pictures of the house. Property photography is all about adjusting; Shutter speed, aperture, ISO and fill lighting to provide the best results and adapting for; Sunny, cloudy, indoor and outdoor conditions. Click as many photos as you can: The more photos you shoot, the better for you. Apart from the many shots you take, you could also include a floor plan to make it a complete album of photos. Does your pic show enough depth and angle? If you want the room to look really large and alive, you need to provide depth and angle to your shots to present the best perspective. Check out the room you’re going to shoot: Check to see if the room is well-furnished and clear of clutter. Is the room ready for a beautiful shot? This is what you need to consider. Any form of clutter could look terrible in a photo. So, watch it. Shoot the best features of the house: Buyers want to see more than the front door or the driveway, so give them a good view of the living room, dining room, kitchen, outdoor entertainment, master bedroom, bathroom and yard. If your property has a great aspect or water views, capture it. Remember it’s about shooting to showcase the property for sale! When shooting real estate property photography for units or high rise apartments you should include the amenities that go with the apartment or condo such as the swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis court, a view of the mountains, beach, golf course, etc. Check for warm lighting: If you have enough warm lighting in every room, it’s a welcoming sign to the new owners of the house. If you’re shooting the façade of the house, do it under the overhead sun, about noon or just after. If you’re shooting indoors, use a flash since it adds all the natural colors and corrects the shadows so that the room looks much brighter. Twilight photography is a niche skill, it requires all the above plus experience and become efficient. We hope these property photography tips provide you the information and answers you require. Photographing for real estate requires both technical skills and a creative eye to yield the best results. Remember, taking the photos is only half the job – mastering the art of Photoshop to enhance your images is another skill altogether. Alinga provides Gold Coast photography to local real estate agents, private sales and commercial businesses. Benefits to using real estate photography when selling a house: For the seller: Homes with great photos sell faster Homes selling faster could bring a higher sales price Picture perfect real estate listings will appeal to more potential buyers For realtors: Your clients will be more satisfied which could lead to more referrals Your client base will grow and you could gain more listings We save you time by photographing for you providing you with more time to sell, sell, sell!

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