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By: Ezyfind  09-Dec-2011
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Free Coin Operated Internet Access: Free to venues that qualify to have a cafe or kiosk. You may have a business where you need these services for your clients. We will site a cafe or kiosk in your premises for free. In most cases we even pay a commission to you. Call us to see if your venue will qualify for a free cafe or kiosk.

Leasing Coin Operated Internet Access: You can lease your cafe or kiosk through one of our leasing agents. You can now have a cafe or kiosk for as low as $50 per week. This gives you the flexibility of owning your own cafe or kiosk without having to tie up your cash. In fact in most cases the cafes will pay the lease and make a profit as well. There are also tax benefit associated with leasing cafes.

Managed Coin Operated Internet Access: We have in place a fully managed and maintained cafe and kiosk system. You may own a business would like a cafe or kiosk but do not want to operate it yourself, we can manage and maintain the system for you. This also can apply to people wanting a very passive income. You may just want to invest into a cafe or kiosk but not operate it yourself. We can site, maintain and manage your cafe or kiosk for you. Our site and management fees vary so please call if you would like more information.

Custom Coin Operated Internet Access: If you have a design in mind we can customize a cafe or kiosk for you. We can help you with any design or model you may require. We can customize the cafe or kiosk enclosure as well as customizing the screen displays. You can have a fully customized cafe or kiosk for your business.

Custom Survey and Information Cafes & Kiosks: We can customize cafes and kiosk to supply information or do surveys for your business. Display kiosks and information kiosks are now becoming very important to businesses. We can provide a full range of touch screen display, information or survey kiosks.

Wireless Hotspot Internet Access: Wireless hotspots are also becoming very popular. Your business can have its own wireless hotspot, set up individually or incorporated into one of our cafes or kiosks. We use a simple prepaid card system which can be placed in any business.

Internet Access: We can provide a cafe or kiosk with ADSL and everything you need to start operating the cafe from day one. We can provide an ADSL account for you attached to the cafe or kiosk.

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Keywords: Coin Operated Internet, Information Kiosks, Internet Vending, Kiosk, Wireless Hotspot, Wireless Hotspots,

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Information kiosks and Internet kiosks these hardwearing fiberglass models are designed to be attractive and functional. The Easy NetCafe shopping centre kiosk model is set up for multi users starting at 3 terminals through to 6 terminals. These kiosks are also a fully functioning coin operated business centre with a network printer. Great design features and technologically advanced this system can be located in any location.