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By: Ezyfind  09-Dec-2011
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Easy NetCafe Classic Model

This is our most popular model. A stand-alone Internet cafe. Great design features and technologically advanced this system can be located in any location. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit any decor.

Stylish, secure and hardwearing this cafe can be located anywhere a touch of class is required. Resorts, hotels, motels, backpackers, cafes, convention centres, libraries, tourism centres and many other locations have already implemented this system into their existing operations.

This cafe is a great addition to any business and very easy to setup. Fully automated it basically looks after itself.


Kiosk Models

We have a wide range of kiosk models available. Information kiosks and Internet kiosks these hardwearing fiberglass models are designed to be attractive and functional.

The kiosk models can be setup for site surveys, touchscreen information and Internet surfing. Theses models come in a range of colours and can be designed and branded to suit your needs.

Tough, strong and modern in looks these kiosks are ideal for areas where sturdiness is required. Shopping centres, playgroups, arcades and others.


Shopping Centre Multi-user Kiosk

The Easy NetCafe shopping centre kiosk model is set up for multi users starting at 3 terminals through to 6 terminals. These kiosks are also a fully functioning coin operated business centre with a network printer. Designed by one of Australia’s most respected shopping centre designers. High gloss two-pack finish with stainless kicks and edging. Quality, functionality, and reliability are key features of this system.


Data Mining & Information Systems

Easy NetCafe interactive information kiosks are a new medium for data mining. The information kiosk eliminates the need for people to fill in forms, send them in, or put them in a box. With handwritten forms often the data collected is useless due to bad handwriting, data improperly entered, and the many other things that can go wrong with written information. This creates frustration and difficulties to the data entry personnel at back office level.

Kiosk data mining can eliminate the need for extra staff and costly printing. The data entered is sent directly to a database operated and owned by the company.


Wireless Hotspots

The Wireless system comprises a modem router (HSM) which is connected to any ADSL line and authenticates pre-paid cards. These cards are on-sold to selling outlets at various venues.
Preset amounts for cards allows the user connect with their own equipment to gain access the internet.


Secure Metal Systems

These systems are made of powder coated metal. Very secure and ideal for Laundromats, dorms, backpackers or any other unsecured areas . These systems have a stainless steel vandal proof keyboard, full faced Perspex front, solid hinges and a duel locking system. They can be dyna-bolted to a concrete wall and are designed for those tough areas where supervision is not always there. They are built to withstand the harshest treatments but are still fully functional.


Easy NetCafe - Queensland's Largest Supplier of Internet Vending Machines.

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You may own a business would like a cafe or kiosk but do not want to operate it yourself, we can manage and maintain the system for you. Custom Survey and Information Cafes & Kiosks: We can customize cafes and kiosk to supply information or do surveys for your business. Your business can have its own wireless hotspot, set up individually or incorporated into one of our cafes or kiosks.