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By: Complete Life Solutions  07-Jan-2012
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Do you want to be in control of your weight?
Are you currently on a weight control diet and finding you lack the motivation to stick to the programme? Are you feeling unmotivated to exercise? Are you ready to discover a lasting way to control your weight?
We have various programs that can be individually designed to specifically fit your needs, your timetable and to give you the motivation to stay on track for your chosen goal.
Weight management is a skill that most people have to learn. To discover the long term answer you need to harness the power of your mind to work for you, rather than against you. Your life is determined by how you see and feel about yourself, so in order to change the shape of our body you need to change the image of yourself that you carry around in your mind. It may even need a change of attitude.
You may feel that you have tried all the diets…. perhaps you are a yo-yo dieter, repeatedly losing and then regaining weight, or even just constantly being overweight…….Well this will be a really pleasant surprise for you as you discover that Hypnotherapy is not only easy - it is fun! You are simply going to choose to eat plenty of fresh & healthy foods.
The power of the mind is extremely powerful- so let's take the first steps along the path of your exciting journey and discover what you need to do to achieve your own goal.
There are many numbers of reasons why someone might carry too much weight. Gradually developing a lifestyle that combines a healthy diet, wise eating and regular exercise is the recipe that works best for most people for weight loss.
It is also important to have the right mental attitude - positive thinking and using visualisation to show your subconscious how you want to be. It can then be easier to maintain the focus and motivation to keep making progress and to let go of anything from the past that might be getting in the way.
Letting Go of Bad Habits
Eating and drinking the wrong sort of things can be as bad as having too much. Some people say it is a habit, other say it’s more like an addiction eg chocolate. Getting motivated and being strongly committed can make all the difference. Many people have used hypnotherapy to let go of old habits such as too much chocolate, lollies, junk food, sugary drinks etc and develop a healthy diet and stay in control.
Wise and Healthy Eating
The subconscious mind runs all those automatic patterns that we take for granted. In some areas of life we are naturally talented, in others it is more of a struggle. But there have been many things we have learned to do and learned to change - in time our subconscious minds get used to it. For many it takes practice to get used to healthy eating but if feels so good when you do - so you may as well get started. Learn to enjoy giving to your body the right amount of good quality nutrition and developing natural appetite control.
Motivation for Exercise
Planning, getting organised and getting on with it. Exercise is more fun the fitter you are - so it can just keep getting better. Use hypnotherapy to help to increase exercise motivation. So get inspired and motivated to exercise regularly and enjoy it more.
7 Step Weight Loss Program
We run a very successful 7 Step Weight Loss Program.
The first three (3) sessions are once a week and then the following two (2) sessions are fortnightly then the final session after One (1) month. We monitor you throughout the process and evaluate your progress therefore personalising the program where required.
The Cost of the 7 Step Weight Loss program is $650.00 or $550.00 if paid up front and booked in advance.

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