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By: Complete Life Solutions  02-Feb-2011
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Do you have difficulties with any of these?
· Aeroplanes or flying · Animals · Bees · Birds · Blood · Bridges · Choking · Confined spaces · Crowds · Dark · Fear itself · Germs · Heights · Illness · Injury · Insects · Lightning · Loneliness · Night · Open spaces · Particular place · Sharks · Snakes · Speaking in public· Spiders · Surgery · Thunder · Trains · Travel
There are many phobias however we cannot name them all so if your particular phobia is not listed here please phone us to discuss….
Anxiety and Stress
Have you had enough of always being on edge unable to feel a sense of peace. Or perhaps feeling embarrassed how you react in certain situations. Maybe you feel that fear is holding you back in life and it is time to move forward. If so, then perhaps it is time to use hypnosis.
Specific forms of stress and anxiety refer to anxiety felt in relation to certain situations or objects. This can be in the form of phobias or an intense fear that is out of proportion to the reality of the situation.
General feelings of anxiety or stress is an ongoing feeling that life is spiralling out of control or everything just feels like too much. It can often be accompanied by an inability to relax or sleep at night or a constant worry.
The number of sessions vary from client to client, but are usually between 2-4 hypnosis sessions.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
IBS is characterised by diarrhoea, constipation, gut pain, bloating, Gas & Spasms.

These symptoms may be present in any combination and can last for long periods of time. IBS is thought to affect up to 1 in 5 people, two thirds of which are women. People with IBS have their lives disrupted by their symptoms on a regular basis, interfering with work and leisure activities. The use of hypnosis for IBS has been found to be veryeffective.
Stop Biting Your Nails
For most people nail biting is a behaviour that first occurred during childhood, It may have been used as a means to relive tension, stress or anxiety as a toddler.  While normally the behaviour is grown out of, for some people, nail biting follows the person into adult hood. By the time a person reaches adulthood the nail biting behaviour has little to no emotional driver behind it. Instead there is simply a repetitive motor reflex, or a habitual way of acting. Because of this, it is easy to change.
Has insomnia or lack of sleep got you down…..or perhaps you are uncomfortable using sleeping tablets every night. Then hypnosis is a great option for you to consider. Hypnosis is a simple process that involves quieting down the mind, like turning down the volume on the radio. Because of this, using hypnosis can be an effective means of regaining control of your sleep.
People who have any of the following ..
  • -   Had enough of using sleeping pills
  • -   Find it difficult to get to sleep.
  • -   Wake up and can't get back to sleep.
  • -   Night mares, or night terrors.
  • -   Sleep anxiety in adults and children
  • -   Can't stop thinking when in bed.
  • -   Experienced a recent event that keeps them awake.
What ever your sleeping issue, if you want to get past insomnia and get rid of those sleeping tablets today…….
Public Speaking Anxiety
For many people public speaking is ranked their number one fear, closely followed by death. Standing in front of a group of peers, or strangers can be a daunting task. While hypnosis itself won't make you a brilliant speaker, it can remove the nervousness and anxiety felt before speaking allowing you to speak freely and with confidence.
Low or No Confidence
Around people do you feel awkward or shy? Perhaps you feel you under perform at sports, your hobbies or work. Or maybe you just don't feel you are the best that you can be…… like there is something holding you back.  For some people it feels like they never have been confident….. while for others it feels like their confidence has just been sapped away.
Lack of confidence may arise in a very selective area in your life, like public speaking or it can be generalised into everything you do from talking to people, activities or just going outside.

Hypnosis can help build confidence by reducing stress and anxiety in different situations and helping to re-educate the subconscious mind that stops you from going out into the world and being that relaxed confident you that you want to be.
Low Self Esteem
When people use the words low self-esteem what they generally mean is they don't act in a way that shows they value and appreciate the person they are. This lack of self-respect, self-appreciation is generally a learned behaviour.

When you are a baby, you think a lot of yourself. You know this because if you are ever around any baby for long enough it cries and demands attention. Babies see themselves as the centre of the world. You too were once a baby and thought of yourself as the centre of attention. You were important enough to cry out whenever you wanted.
At a subconscious level (by subconsciousness we just mean an automatic, habitual or reflexive way of reacting to a situation) your mind has learned since that time to act and see yourself differently.
Like anything learned, these perceptions of the world can be unlearned. A easy and effective way to go about this is using hypnotherapy.
Phone and ask to speak to Sue Grant at Mind Care Queensland on 07 5679 0541 or email

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