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At Art and Design Works we are GRAPHIC ARTISTS there are no graphic designers here. Graphic Art is a craft that has to be learnt, anyone can buy design software but it does not come with experience and creativity. Graphic Art is not about writing code, using templates and clip art. At Art and Design Works we describe ourselves as "Older and Wiser" because we are. We believe Graphic Art takes time to learn, a passion for the work and imagination with no boundaries. We create visual concepts that communicate, inspire, inform and captivate consumers. We layout text and images in ways to make that information eye-catching, accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s graphic artwork, advertising, printing or business marketing advice Art and Design Works will deliver smart, effective, economical solutions that WORK. We do this by listening to our clients, we learn about their products or services and we do our research. We come to you and NO JOB IS TOO SMALL, be it a wedding invite, takeaway menu or 24 page catalogue, talk to us.

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