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By: Cactus Chiropractic & Remedial Massage Centre Logan  08-Jun-2011
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What is the true cause of your back pain?

When you look for the cause of back pain, many people think that it is the last thing they did before the back pain started. The way they lifted, twisted or bent over. These things may have triggered your back pain, but scientific research has shown that these activities are usually not a strong enough force to cause the back pain. 

The result of much research has concluded that it is the result of many micro-traumas. These are small, usually unnoticeable traumas that occur from all the bending sitting, lifting and driving that occurs during normal activities.

These micro-injuries accumulate over months and years before resulting in any low back, mid back pain, or neck pain. They create tension in your muscles and joints. As the tension increases, the muscles pull your spine, causing various distortions and spinal imbalances. Each day you carry on with these imbalances, the more pressure it puts on your spine.

This causes your spine to lose it's normal movement patterns, decreases flexibility, until one day when you do your normal activity, like swing a golf club, lift your child, or pick up the groceries.

It is these imbalances that are the root cause of your pain.

Even disc injuries which causes sciatica are commonly reported as coming from no apparent reason. These imbalances causes stress on the disc, like putting pressure on a jam donut, the disc will bulge out the other side. Disc bulges, herniations and ruptures can develop from these micro-injuries.

These imbalances also may lead to spinal degeneration, even though you may never feel anything for years.

The cause of your back pain is not always the final act, but the imbalances in your muscles and joints that have occured over time.

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