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By: EnviroChill  09-Nov-2015
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Enviro Chill's superheated dry steam can penetrate even the smallest pores. Its powerful heat thoroughly wipes out bacteria, while the pressure and vapour force remaining dirt to the surface. Finally, all leftover debris is vacuumed away, leaving instantly dry, slip-free and completely sanitised surfaces. Dry steam contains only the smallest amounts of moisture, meaning residual heat will dissipate immediately, and without the risk of scalding or burning in close proximity. As an additional safety benefit, Enviro Chill leaves surfaces completely dry, eliminating the hazard of slippery surfaces. Step One: Specialised cleaning tools help dry vapour steam molecules penetrate even the smallest pores, killing bacteria and forcing dirt and debris to the surface – without any chemicals! Step Two: When an extra cleaning boost is needed, a small amount of chemical free, food-safe detergent is injected to suspend the dirt. Step Three: Dirt and debris are vacuumed away, leaving slip-free, instantly dry, sanitised surfaces. For the ultimate in refrigeration hygiene, we recommend our "Clean, Enhance, Protect" system for 24/7 coolroom protection. Call or email us today for further information or to make an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation.

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You can't possibly sanitize everything that goes into your coldroom on a daily basis, so let ChillSafe do the job for you! ChillSafe uses an environmentally activated, airborne vapour to seek out pathogens (including various mould, bacteria, odours and ethylene) and destroy them until nothing but water and air remain. Save money by reducing food wastage through spoilage and premature aging and increase your profits - call Enviro Chill NOW!!

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PVC Strip Curtains for commercial refrigeration.


Laboratory Tests Confirm Bacterial Control

With an increasing focus on Food Safety, Enviro Chill are pleased to receive further scientific validation that installation of Humidity Filters can reduce airborne bacteria in commercial refrigeration by 80%.