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By: Zestchem Australia  15-Feb-2015
Keywords: Golf Course, Turf, Soil Conditioner

Zestchem Australia have designed Zestolite for the landscaping, garden, turf, golf, fertilizer and potting mix industries. Zestolite contains and advanced inorganic framework that has the ability to bind positive cations in fertilizers and then releasing them to the root zone gradually and efficiently. Therefore leaching and volatisation of chemicals from fertilizers is reduced leading to environmental sustainable practices. Zestolite also has the ability to increase water holding capacity allowing for decreased irrigation rates especially good for Australian Climates. The immense framework consists of a great amount of pores allowing for increased aeration within soil. The high CEC capacity of zestolite also enables increased nutrient holding capacity within the soil boosting the performance of the soil. As other amendments and conditioners break down over time , zestolite does not and stays within the soil permanently. APPLICATION New lawn and Garden Beds • Spread underneath the surface at the rate 1-2kg per m2 Existing Turf Aerification and Top Dressing • Apply approximately 1-2kg per m2 after coring Compost, Fertilizer and Potting Mix • Up to 5-10% inclusion rate Recommendation • Irrigate thoroughly after application • Best to mix in the root zones • Fertilize for added benefit Zestolite designed by industrial chemists and engineers to deliver the best product that only Zestchem Australia can deliver.

Keywords: Golf Course, Soil Amendment, Soil Conditioner, Turf, Zeolite

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