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By: Jolly Phonics and Speech Sound Pics Training  25-Jun-2012
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Shaping Reading Brains™ enables parents, carers and teachers ensure that ALL children are reading and spelling by six using a combination of Jolly Phonics and Speech Sound Pics™ training In order to understand that the spoken sounds in our English language ('speech sounds') are represented on paper using a variety of 'pictures' or 'symbols' we (at Read Australia™) call these 'Sound Pics™ For example 's' is a sound pic, 'h' is a sound pic and 'sh' is another sound pic. These 3 sound pics represent 3 different speech sounds! So even though the word 'shop' has 4 letters, we only use three speech sounds when we say the word, and we only use 3 sound pics to write it. sh/o/p This approach is especially useful for teaching exceptional spelling skills at the same time as teaching 'reading'. We not only teach children about the alphabetic code but HOW to read words, so that they do not need to rely on short term memory. For example to know that when reading the word 'throat that this has been created using 4 speech sounds and 4 sound pics - even though there are 6 letters. th/r/oa/t We not only enable Prep children to start actually decoding readers within a few weeks, but also supply teachers with 'home readers' that help older struggling students know HOW to read words more easily - eg by using bolded text to show where the sound pics are! Read Australia™ will teach you how to modify text so that children know HOW to spot the sound pics and therefore read the text more easily. As you can see the 'Shaping Reading Brains™' approach is designed to help any child learn quickly and easily including those who have been struggling previously. Within training you will also learn how to use the Speech Sound Clouds™ - a highly visual approach to learning the alphabetic code for reading AND spelling (and best of all they are FREE!) The clouds are one example of how we extend Jolly Phonics - a well known popular synthetic phonics based program we incorporate into our approach within the Early Years. So if we train your Kindy , Prep, Year 1 and 2 teachers we include training in this program as young children love it! However the Shaping Reading Brains Approach (from Read Australia™) caters for students of all ages (targeting 3 - 12 year olds) so we deliver whole school training that is relevant to the teaching of older students as well. This means that what is happening in the early years very much compliments what happens in Years 3 and upwards. The aim is that before children reach year 3 they are no longer learning to read- they are now reading to learn. Visit the web site for more info or please do email us. We train Kindys and Schools across Australia

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