Uniback the Revolutionary Multipurpose - Hands Free Back Cleanser

Uniback the Revolutionary Multipurpose - Hands Free Back Cleanser from Uniback

By: Uniback  02-May-2011
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The inspiration of the Uniback

Now you can throw away your awkward old back scrubber.

The Uniback Back Cleanser unique design means you won’t ever have to reach over your shoulder again.

Finally someone has come up with the perfect solution for that age old problem of how to get enough power to wash the middle of your back properly. The Uniback back cleaner is a shower mounted dual-sided back scrubber that cleans and massages all those hard-to-reach spots like no other product on the market.
Ideally suited for day-to-day showering the Uniback also solves a wide variety of specific back washing problems from people working in a variety of industries, to acne and arthritis sufferers. In fact the Uniback was developed as a response to the frustration a mine worker in Mt Isa in Queensland.
Covered in grime at the end of his shift, the miner found it almost impossible to wash the mixture of dirt, sweat and oil from the middle of his back. Every method he had experimented with such as long handled back scrubbers or towelling contraptions were just too awkward to use and never got the job done anyway.
For a back scrubber to work it should be able to be used by a different individuals of all shapes and sizes with a variety of different needs, who need to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin on their backs. But the human body wasn’t designed to reach its own back. None of the dozens of manual back scrubber designs on the market worked because they simply couldn’t create the leverage needed to create enough power to actually clean every point of the back thoroughly. The Uniback designer realised his back scrubber needed to work in a completely different way.
As with all great inventions the solution was simple. The fundamental principle of the design is a back cleaner that is easily mounted on the shower wall and can be adjusted to suit individual heights. The Uniback’s unique design means that you will never have to reach over your shoulder again to clean your back.
But the bonus of the Uniback is its special dual-sided back cleaning cloth. Using innovative technology the dense ultra fine microfibre material removes more dust, dirt and bacteria than conventional cleaning fabrics.
Easily reversible, one side of the Uniback cleansing cloth contains thousands of minute bristles that deep clean every inch of your back effortlessly, and invigorate circulation for aching muscles. The softer reverse side allows you to pamper yourself with a luxurious massage experience. Enjoy the Uniback.

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