The Veterans Entitlement Act - a quick summary for Australian Veterans

By: Jamie Whitehead Solicitor   04-Jun-2012
Keywords: Army, Navy, Ptsd

The Veterans Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA) provides four volumes of law  for all members of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) who have operational service; or peacetime service (after completion of three-year qualifying period) from 7 December 1972 to 6 April 1994. Members who enlisted before 22 May 1986 and were still serving after 7 April 1994 are also covered. There is a more generous approach (reasonable hypothesis) taken in deciding claims for disabilities suffered on operational as opposed to peacetime service. 

The VEA addresses three types of military service: Warlike service – is determined when the application of force is authorised to pursue specific military objectives and there is an expectation of casualties. This includes a state of declared war and conventional combat operations against an armed adversary. It also includes peace enforcement activities, that is peacemaking and not peacekeeping operations, when armed forces are authorised to restore peace and security. Non–warlike service – is determined where military activities are operations with a limited objective and casualties could occur but are not expected. The only force allowed is in self–defence. Peacetime service – is routine operations, including training and military exercises, that are not warlike or non–warlike.

The ADF consists of the Army, Navy and RAAF.  

You should always seek advice from your advocate from the RSL or other support network prior to seeking a claim for an injury. 

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Keywords: Army, Australian Defence Forces, Military Compensation, Navy, Ptsd

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