Lanotec | products - liquidlanolin

By: Lanotec  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Air Conditioning, Corrosion Protection, Powder Coated

For all round lubrication and corrosion protection, suitable for use in all industries.

  • Moisture / Salt and Acid resistant
  • Penetrant, frees up rusted components
  • Salt Spray tested to Australian Standards
  • Protection for electrical connectors, ECU’s and switchgear high and low voltage e.g. air conditioning units
  • Non conductive to 70kV
  • Food grade
  • Lubricant for drilling, cutting, machining and pressing
  • Lubrication of light chains, locks and hinges, ideal air tool lube
  • Rejuvenates plastics, leather, aluminium and powder coated surfaces
  • Prevention of oxidisation for containerised shipping
Sizes Product Code
400g Aerosol GP/PP-0400
750ml Spray Pack GP/SP-0750
1 Litre GP/0001
5 Litres GP/0005
20 Litres GP/0020

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Units, Air Tool Lube, Conditioning Units, Containerised Shipping, Corrosion Protection, Food Grade, Food Grade Lubricant, Powder Coated, Salt Spray, Spray Pack,

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