By: Grace Construction Products  02-Feb-2012
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Hotter months can bring added problems with installation & treatment by sub-trades of Chemind waterproofing systems.


We highlight some of these issues below:

·         Primers and Topcoats dry/cure more quickly

·         Liquid Membranes, particularly water based, may skin over or dry very quickly

·         Installation process may be disrupted

·         Access to sub-trades may be delayed

·         Pot-life and working time of two-part products and mixed ceramic tile adhesives is shorter

·         Damage can be caused by summer-storms

To minimise application problems and site issues, we recommend the following:

·         For water based products, in hot or windy conditions, add up to 10% clean water to aid application. This is particularly for primers and to reduce over-lap shear “roughness”, on high-build coatings.

·         Avoid application of water based membranes to hot substrates and in direct sunlight.

·         Hot substrate and hot conditions exaggerates outgassing, pin-holing, bubbles and blisters.

·         Application of membranes to decks is best done very early in the day, before heat and outgassing become a problem. Alternatively work in the shade if possible.

·         High temperatures may increase membrane surface tackiness of liquid membranes – broadcast fine sand or cement dust to block this tackiness, if needed.

·         Mix only an appropriate amount of two-part membrane, coating or cementitious adhesive product that can safely be applied, before it becomes unusable.

·         Use fast cure Chemind Aquagard M polyurethane membranes to resist rain damage

Keywords: Building Construction, Construction Materials, Protective Coatings, Showers, Waterproofing, Waterproofing Membranes

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