Queensland Building Services cracking down on waterproof membrane quality

By: Grace Construction Products  11-Apr-2012
Keywords: Building Construction, Waterproofing, Wet Areas

Be aware that in 2012 Queensland Building Services with the support of major building contractors, will be cracking down on waterproof membrane quality – more precisely, the dry film thickness (DFT) of applied liquid waterproof membranes.

Take responsibility and be pro-active -

·         Know your product data – Chemind Data Sheets give minimum DFT as well as Preparation and Application information.

·         Use appropriate equipment – Chemind has suitable brushes and rollers

○ Water Based (Newflex WAM Fibre) – use a 32mm nap roller

○ Polyurethane (Aquagard M Zero VOC Grey) – use a 22mm nap roller

·         Check wet film thickness (WFT) regularly – as a guide:

○ Water Based (e.g. Newflex WAM Fibre) – 1 litre/m² = 1mm WFT = 0.6mm DFT

○ Polyurethane (e.g. Aquagard M Zero VOC Grey) – 1 litre/m² = 1mm WFT = 1.0mm DFT

·         Do not be coerced into performing substandard work -

If directed to performing work that does not comply with Australian Standards or manufacturer’s instructions, protect yourself. It is your right and responsibility to notify the builder by issuing a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) and stating that any works performed will not be warranted.

Final DFT is simply a matter of the quantity of product used. All manufacturers make recommendations for required thickness.

QBSA inspectors may remove samples from site and have them scientifically evaluated to verify that the product complies with manufacturer’s requirements.

In recent years CHEMIND R&D has developed high performance, high quality polyurethanes under the Aquagard M banner. These new generation waterproofing elastomers are fully compliant with AS3740, AS/NZS4858 and AS4654. 

Use Chemind Aquagard M polyurethane with confidence – these membranes have:

·         high % volume solids and certainty of drying

·         best value per mm DFT – cheaper than any water-based membrane for equivalent DFT

·         proven long life and in-service durability

·         safe to use internally with the unique Chemind Aquagard M Zero VOC

If you have any query regarding the use or selection of a Chemind membrane, please contact your representative or our Technical Department on 1800 334 444

Keywords: Building Construction, Waterproofing, Wet Areas

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