Lingual Orthodontics

By: Invisible Lingual Braces  29-May-2014
Keywords: Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentist, Adult Braces

Truly invisible braces! When most people think of beautifying their smile they assume they will have to endure 1-2 years of unsightly braces. Not so with Lingual 0rthodontics using SureSmile* Technology! The braces are hidden behind the teeth, and treatment time can be shortened by as much as 1/3! * Innovative Robotic Technology for Orthodontics - Reinventing the Science of Braces! With SureSmile braces, we've turned orthodontic precision into an art. Precision means less treatment time in braces, fewer orthodontic visits, and higher quality results. Over 2 decades experience in Lingual (behind the teeth or tongue side), as well as Traditional Braces (on the labial or lip side of the teeth - clear or metal), also in plates and other appliances. Full service Orthodontics! Why not look and feel your best even during treatment! Any concerns with crooked, protruding, inverted or overlapping teeth, or noticeable spaces can all be corrected. Many adults seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. However many may seek treatment because of jaw pain, dysfunction, excessive wear or challenges with dental hygiene. Whatever your goals, we will devise the treatment plan to achieve a beautiful smile with a healthy and balanced alignment of your teeth.

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