Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter- Compu-Flow™

Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter- Compu-Flow™ from FLOWSERVICES

By: FLOWSERVICES  22-Feb-2011
Keywords: Flow Meter, Flow Switches, Clamp on Flow Meter

 The Compu-Flow™ Doppler ultrasonic flow meter provides an accurate and easy-to-use non invasiveUltrasonic Flow measurement system for high-solid fluid flow through pipes.

  Typical APPLICATIONS:   ·         Asphalts ·         Concrete pumping, Grout ·         Dredge flows, Sand pumping ·         Drilling mud ·         Large contaminates ·         Highly viscous substances ·         Hazardous wastes ·         Municipal sludges and wastes ·         Paper pulp ·         Rendering products ·         Sludges ·         Slurries, Tailings dams ·         Suspended solids ·         Most liquids containing suspended particles or air bubbles   How does it work? - Doppler Effect   The Compu-Flow™ Doppler ultrasonic flow meter measures flow velocity by sensing signals from reflective materials within a liquid flowing in the pipe. An example of this Doppler Effect is similar to a train whistle - increasing in pitch as the train approaches, and then decreasing in pitch as the train moves away. To the person riding on the train, the pitch remains the same. The increasing pitch is due to phase-front compression and the decreasing pitch is due to phase-front expansion. The Doppler flow meter uses this effect to measure the velocity of a liquid through a pipe wall. Velocity x inner pipe wall = flow. The sensors gather fluid flow data through the pipe and send this information to the system electronics. The electronics then convert, transmit, store and display the received data.   Sonic Reflectors The Doppler flow meter requires sonic reflectors in order to operate. These reflectors may consist of particles or air bubbles within the flow to be measured. Clean water does not have sonic reflectors and the use of Transit Time Ultrasonic flowmeters may be more appropriate. A set of transducers is mounted on the outside of a pipe. No drilling or cutting of the pipe is required. Shut down is not required, no obstruction to the flow is introduced, furthermore this will not cause associated pressure drops. Features and Benefits: • No pipe section or spool piece is required to install the meter. • The meter is not affected by changes in temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, or the speed of sound within the liquid. • The liquid does not have to be electronically conductive. ·  Wide range of temperature applications: -30 to 90 deg C – up to 250 deg C with special fittings. • The transducers are normally coupled to the outer pipe wall with grease, sonic gel, or epoxy. • In order to obtain accurate measurements adequate up and downstream pipe runs are required. • AC or DC operation, solar or battery power. • Non- invasive, Submersible, Clamp-on transducers •Signal cable lengths up to 1500 m ( 5000 ft) • High accuracy even in turbulent flows • Wide pipe diameter range 13mm (0.50 inches) – 2500 mm (120 inches) ·         Wall mounted for permanent installation or a portable option is also available. ·         All pipe materials – PVC, HDPE, Plastic, Steel, Rubber, Concrete, and Copper.

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