TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain

TMJ Treatment for Jaw Pain from Dental Braces

By: Dental Braces  30-Aug-2011
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There is relief for you if you are suffering from head, neck or jaw pain...

Do you or your child wake with a sore jaw or unexplained head pain, if you grind your teeth, or you snore / wake up suddenly at night? Are headaches or ear pain a routine part of your day? Does your child wet their bed or have they been diagnosed with attention deficient disorder (aka ADD)?  
The following info below can further assist your understanding about what a TMJ Dentist can offer:

If you are suffering from jaw pain, a TMJ (jaw joint) imbalance could be the origin of your pain. Some call it TMD (temporomandibular disorder), others call it TMJPDS (temporomandibular pain dysfunction syndrome). Whatever you label it, this is an ailment that CAN be fixed. You could be living a pain free life within only a few months.

Many people go through their lives doing one or all of the following for head and neck pain (aka craniofacial pain):

- Having frequent visits to chiropractors
- Having frequent visits to osteopaths
- Some take medication daily to relieve their problems
- All of these things reduce symptoms, however if the symptoms return the cause of the problem can be a jaw imbalance - this can be corrected…

How is TMJ diagnosed and treated?

1. Firstly is a consultation with a TMJ Dentist who will ask you lots of questions about your symptoms.
2. A full check both inside and outside your mouth will be done.
3. This includes assessment of all of the major muscles of the head and neck, and their associated trigger-points; assessment of your teeth for signs such as unusual tooth-wear which indicates grinding or clenching;
4. assessment of the soft-tissues inside your mouth – tongues and lips can tell an experienced practitioner all kinds of things
5. Scans are taken to assess many structures in your head and neck – such as your airways (to ensure you breathe properly) and your jaw-joint (to see if there is any degeneration in it)
6. Impressions of your teeth and photographs will be taken
7. Assessment of your posture will be made

Note: Various other tests may be performed according to your specific problem…

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