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By: Gary Clairvoyant Medium  07-Apr-2015
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Learn the Usui Original Method of Reiki Healing Reiki Healing - Theory and Practical - Certificate Endorsed Level 1 Reiki - One Day (Theory and Practical) Level 2 Reiki - Two Days (Theory and Practical) Level 3, 4 and Mastership Reiki - One Day Each (Theory and Practical) This Usui Reiki Therapy and Heaing Course was founded by a Japanese scholar, Dr Mikao Usui, who lived around the 15th century. I felt he was a Buddhist monk. I learned Usui Reiki at the Metaphysical College in Tasmania including methods and symbols relating to this wonderful and natural healing method. The powerful Usui Reiki technique can be taught to anyone, and it releases emotions, fears, blocks and achieves optimum wellbeing. Level I Usui Reiki Simply placing the hands on the human body in a systematic way, as has been taught through Symbols from the Reiki Master. This level involves healing for oneslf and friends, family, animals and plants. Level II Usui Reiki Includes healing for self, and absentee healing for anyone on our planet, also known as distant healing. Levels 3, 4, and Masterhip Level Usui Reiki More symbols are drawn from the Ascended Masters of Reiki, through myself to each student, which then allows them to teach Reiki to others. Attunements I call in The Ascended Masters of Reiki from the Spirit World, to place the Attunements within the student through the Crown Chakra and proceed through their Energy System (the seven major Chakras in our bodies). Attunements are activated throughout all levels of Reiki from Reiki I through to Mastership. A manual is supplied for all levels of Reiki to help with healing friends, family and those far away. It is important Reiki Teachers have learned all levels of Reiki through to Mastership Level. I believe this Code of Ethics is important in this field of spiritual leaning. Learn Reiki with Gary Clairvoyant Medium in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Keywords: Courses, Reiki

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