Testimonials from Empowerment Coaching clients

By: Mind Body Link  23-Dec-2010
Keywords: Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Healing

“The Empowerment Coaching process has been life changing for me on levels I never thought possible.  Over the years I have done an extensive amount of personal development processes and courses and I have healed many wounds of the past.  Yet it was through the empowerment coaching that I really got in touch with 'core issues' that were sitting at the depths of my heart.
By releasing the anger that 'I thought I had dealt with' I was able to come to a deep place of peace, forgiveness and harmony probably for the first time in my life. 
Karen, as a facilitator was able to make connections for me that I just hadn't seen and through her gentle and loving way encouraged me to go deeper, to look below the surface of what 'appeared' to be and see things from a new and enlightened perspective.
I have been able to release and free myself of things that were holding me back, that would have eventually made me sick or worse - just totally give up on life.  Through this program, I feel that I am now totally connected to me and the joy of living, that I was unable to connect to since I was a child."
Ms S Blaney  (November 2009)


Keywords: Councelling, Emotional Healing, Healing, Meditation, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Healing