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By: We Love Pet Sitting  14-Sep-2011
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Pet Minding or Pet Sitting is caring for your pets in the comfort of their home. A typical pet minding visit involves checking your home, collecting the mail, cleaning the pet's bowls, giving fresh food and water, changing cat litter, taking out of rubbish bins, dog walking and/or playing. We then give your pet a brush, cuddles and thorough check and spend enough time to ensure they are happy and loved.
We have 2 options available for day visits either a standard or deluxe visitation. 

We also offer overnight stays this may be applicable to you if your pet has separation anxiety, a tendency to bark or they just need someone to cuddle upto in the evening. We have 2 options available either with or without dog walking.

Dogs require the physical and mental stimulation a walk offers and many behaviour problems such as barking, chewing and digging are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise.

We visit and walk your dog from your home and back. Dog walks can be daily, regular or a one off booking. Dogs can be on or off the lead depending on their responsiveness and how well socialised they are.

A daily walk has so many benefits for your dog, and ideally you would take your dog if you could. But your schedule is full, are at work all day, unexpectedly get called away, elderly, hospitalized or the kids just take that last bit of energy you had left! 

We offer a free consultation before you begin your dog walks so you and your pooch will get to know their regular walker, dogs will be walked around the same time everyday so he will be able to build a routine.  

Our Home Sitters (who are normally experienced homeowners themselves) benefit from the opportunity to live in a high quality home in exchange they agree to take immaculate care of your home.  In return the sitter agrees to keep the property secure, clean and tidy, take care of any maintenance i.e. gardens, lawns and any 'home handy work' that may be required as well as care for any pets as if they were the sitters own loved ones.  
Frequent onsite inspections ensure your confidence in our services and sitters is continually maintained.

You will also receive a free consultation to get to know your sitter and view their credentials.

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