R4iSDHC V1.4.1 flashcard + 4GB TF card for Nintendo DSi XL 1.41, DSi LL 1.41, DSi 1.41

R4iSDHC V1.4.1 flashcard + 4GB TF card for Nintendo DSi XL 1.41, DSi LL 1.41, DSi 1.41 from Spitco Holdings Pty Ltd

By: Spitco Holdings Pty Ltd  25-Oct-2010
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R4iSDHC flashcard Latest Version:

*  The latest R4iSDHC firmware version is R4iSDHC V. it supports DSi 1.41 released in Sep, 2010. The before version is R4iSDHC V1.4, which can run in Nintendo Dsi V1.4.

*  The latest R4iSDHC kernel version is R4iSDHC V1.27b, which is released on Oct 14, 2010. R4iSDHC V1.27b is available for all red PCB flashcard . Users can download R4iSDHC V1.27b kernel and install it to R4SDHC card, R4iSDHC V1.4 and R4iSDHC V flashcard to enjoy Pocket monster platinum.

R4iSDHC players Attention:

*  R4iSDHC V flashcard supports Nintendo DSi XL 1.41, NDSi LL 1.41, DSi 1.41 and lower version.

*  R4iSDHC V1.4 flashcard does not support DSi 1.41, pls do not update your DSi into 1.41 firmware

*  No need updation for R4iSDHC V1.4.1 flashcard, No damage to your console

*  R4iSDHC V1.27b kernel is available on R4SDHC, R4iSDHC V1.4 and R4iSDHC V to enter Pocket monster pearl.

R4iSDHC v Flashcard Description

R4iSDHC is an attractive game engine for Nintendo DSi. It is the first pocket monster platinum Rom. The update kernel R4iSDHC V1.27b(support R4SDHC, R4iSDHC V1.4 and R4iSDHC ) is the first software to suppot Pocket monster platinum. R4iSDHC v1.4.1 DS Card, also known as R4i-sdhc 1.4.1, R4i -SDHC V1.41, is the latest development in flashcard technology for Nintendo DSi. It is a flashcard offering game, music and movie. The R4iSDHC V1.4.1 is an adapter compatible with microSDHC card (up to 32GB) for Nintendo DSi XL/LL console. It allows you to share benefit from all the following features:

*  Watch movies

*  Play music

*  Browse pictures

*  Read E-Books and more...

Flashcard R4iSDHC V Features:

*  Same size as an original Dsi 1.41 game cartridge

*  Built-in PassMe (NO need for any boot cart./passcard etc.)

*  Uses microSD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage

*  Boot clean dump images (downloadable from internet)

*  Very simple to use: drag and drop files to the microSD card and play

*  Standard FAT system support

*  Supports different speeds of micro SD cards

*  Supports HC memory cards

*  Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )

*  Touch screen control and robust skinning support

*  No battery needed, back up the save file directly into the microSD card

*  Homebrew support , IO lib available on launch

*  Supports WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser

R4iSDHC V flashcard Package Included:

1 * R4iSDHC V flashcard

1 * USB MicroSD Adapter

1 * Strip + Pink Protection Box

R4iSDHC flashcard Other Info

*  Software: R4iSDHC V, Red PCB R4iSDHC V1.27b or R4iSDHC without V1.4 Mark V1.09d

*  Support SDHC: Yes, up to 32Gb

*  Support DSi XL, DSi, DSi 1.41: Yes

*  Support DS, DS Lite: Yes (R4 -SDHC supports Nintendo DS Lite and DS only )

R4iSDHC V flashcard useful link

R4iSDHC V1.26b kernel download          R4iSDHC V1.27b kernel download

R4iSDHC card firmware and kernel latest news

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