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Sulphur Bentonite Fertiliser from Sulphur Devco Australia

By: Sulphur Devco Australia  20-Sep-2011
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Why use Sulphur Bentonite?


Sulphur Bentonite is 90% pure elemental sulphur. It provides degradable sulphur to plants and therefore can have the following advantages over other forms of sulphur fertilizer:

  • High nutrient efficiency:
    • Slow release, providing sulphate sulphur for the entire crop season.
    • High analysis, allowing lower volumes of product, reducing warehousing and freight costs.
    • Minimal soil leaching losses until converted to sulphate form.
    • Ability to build up available sulphur levels in the soil for the following season (larger particles).
  • Savings in nutrient, storage and application costs:
    • Lower volume of storage for dealers/growers.
    • Fewer application passes for growers.
    • Lower sulphur nutrient cost.
    • Allows the grower to select the form of nitrogen and preferred application time.


How it works


Sulphur is a key nutrient:

  • Sulphur is known to improve the metabolism of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.
  • Elemental sulphur can be used where sulphur deficiency in soils is known to exist.
  • Application of sulphate sulphur will lower the pH of alkaline soils.


Sulphur Bentonite Degradation

  • The thiobacillus bacterium is naturally occurring in nearly all soils.
  • When sulphur bentonite is applied, the moisture in the soil is absorbed into the bentonite clay, which swells and breaks the pastille particle into very small sulphur particles in the range 20-500 micron.

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Keywords: Bentonite, Fertiliser, Soil Amendments, Sulphur

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