Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Eduction

By: Infinitehope  18-Jun-2014
Keywords: Food, Alternative Health, Ayurvedic

A quick Ayurvedic Tip for Helping Digestion Drinking hot water Due to a busy, irregular schedule, eating inappropriate food and dealing with the general stress of everyday life, something called ama accumulates in the body. Ama translates as ‘undigested food juice’, and it floats around your bloodstream looking for places to lodge and start the disease process. The qualities of ama are heaviness, cold, dampness and dullness; where as hot water, with its opposite properties, helps to allay the production of ama in the digestive system. One simple answer is to boil filtered water then pour it into a flask to keep it warm, and sip it about every half an hour throughout the day. (Heating makes the water lighter in quality.) You can put a couple of slices of ginger in it to improve the effect. Check your tongue throughout the day and you’ll see it getting cleaner – meaning that it’s pink and doesn't have as much coating on it. ENJOY

Keywords: Alternative Health, Ayurvedic, Food