Having a brief introduce bicycle structure

Having a brief introduce bicycle structure from chinacarbonwheels

By: chinacarbonwheels  09-Oct-2012
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Having a brief introduce bicycle structure as follows: 1: front 2: spoke 3: HuaGu 4: front fork 5: front brake 6: http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-38mm-3k-matt-mixed-color-spokes/ 7: brake and variable speed handle 8: handlebar 9: vertical rod 10: frame 11: former variable speed 12: seat lever 13: saddle 14: rear brake 15: shelf 16: flywheel 17: mirror 18: rear wheel 19: speed after 20: the pedal 21: valve 22: rear wheel 23: chain 24: roulette 25: foot 26: crank On holidays, on the bike as like http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/french-customer-share-his-bicycle-pictures/,say goodbye to urban stood, melts into the bosom of nature, always let a person excitement gambol. Riding a bike ran to the green mountains and rivers in, even if BaiZhuanQianHui way, the person also can enjoy it. If you choose to high performance mountain bike http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/mr-jose-bicycle-pictures-spainsh-customer/, ok and optional change, will not fear the bad road. In short cycling travel faraway can make your heart full of freedom, will also have the satisfaction of the conquest of nature. Do not believe you to try. Riding one hundred km this doesn't have to be a skill, but it as you ride a milestone, worth mentioning. Riding one hundred km only a trick: believe in yourself to do this! Indeed, one hundred km sounds a lot of it, in fact, nearly all the body condition good drivers can finish it. No matter whether so, only you want to travel in the process of how to easily, and how much time to finish it.http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/cat/news/ I know the driver in almost no ready to complete the one hundred km. Indeed, to reach the destination will be a little injury, but they know during must adhere to the diet, often stop to have a rest, and, from beginning to end, keep smiling. They did it! Generally speaking, see thick fetal thin body is to see than flat instead of watching hub.http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-38mm-black-hubs-mixed-color-spokes-ud-matt/ Generally flat than under 50 for thin body. 2. Thin body compared with thick fetal speaking, grip better, also is better control. 3. If you want to travel long distances, including the eastern yunnan-guizhou Tibetan and other remote areas, give attention to two or more things high speed and bad road, at this time the thick fetal relatively thin body would be a good ideal, more comfortable. Master correct posture must correctly handle the good car relations,http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm-3k-glossy-mixed-color-spokes/ according to their own physical structure, long legs, arm length, shoulder width, trunk length to choose and adjust frame, saddles, handlebars.The discretion of the frame by leg long decision, length by arm length and body length decision. The height of the seat according to the following method decision: steady sitting on the saddle, when the pedal in low in the heel trample, at this time should be just right leg unbend, neither bending don't jump straight. Before and after the adjustment of the saddle and pitching Angle by the entire body structure decision, with comfortable shall prevail.http://www.chinacarbonwheels.com/blog/700c-carbon-wheels-clincher-60mm-88mm/ Adjust good seat should make you ride in the car, when crank parallel to the ground when the knee and foot should be in a vertical line, on the low cadence leg should be slightly bent.

Keywords: Carbon Wheels

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