Bicycle pictures from our customers who purchased wheels from YOELEO - Philippine customer

Bicycle pictures from our customers who purchased wheels from YOELEO - Philippine customer from chinacarbonwheels

By: chinacarbonwheels  09-Oct-2012
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Choose the bicycle is mainly to see if a good frame, two to see if the good parts, three see assembly technique is good. Will the three factors scientifically after tries to combine, can be a car good bicycle. A, frame: 1. Frame is what? Frame is equivalent to the skeleton, the frame can fit on all kinds of bicycle parts. Frame made of iron, aluminum alloy material composition and, according to the length of the pipe constitute the Angle of the characteristics of the influence on the bike. For example, linear riding a good bicycle, easy to turn bicycle, ride relaxed bicycle, etc., these factors to many comes from the frame. 2. How to be a good frame? Light, firm and elastic etc is frame is one of the pursuit of the goal, in order to achieve this goal, will look at each frame the manufacturer's technology. as the design of the frame is according to the strength of material and characteristics to design, welding technology is mature or not. These are directly affect the frame appearance, strength and elasticity. And more important is painting, good frame spray evenly, and spray 3-4 layers of paint. Don't look down on spray paint, good painting can make the bicycle easy maintenance, is not easy to rust. you use does not comply with the above requirements of the frame to loading words, it is possible to produce can't linear ride or easily turn bike, or soon back bike. The stand or fall of brake is related to your safety and the safety of others, brake force and brake braking time is decided to brake the main factors of good or bad, so the brake performance is good, the operating force light is very important. the Japanese market has a kind of universal roller type brake, except in the rainy day can also like usual get satisfied effect outside, brake won't have any noise, and maintenance. Four, what kind of bicycle is most suitable for you? The first is to see you what is the purpose of riding a bicycle, usually go to work, school, buy thing use general portable car then, the best is a big basket, can put the bag or something. And if there is condition can buy in variable speed car or external variable speed bike. If you ride on a slope or bridge, you also feel uphill, bridge tired very troublesome if, you should not choose to have transmission bike. If you ride the road is not flat road pavement, you should choose relatively wide tires and transmission of bicycle. If you one day riding distance is very long words, you should choose belt transmission and tire narrower bicycle. it is short words should choose light car. If you are in place it rains often, you should choose to take mudguard bike, if night riding opportunity more words, should choose to take light bike, etc. In the bicycle shop often have a variety of appearance, color of the bicycle, so, in you to bike shop before, had better according to their own actual situation, will you need what kind of bicycle to determine the number, and then go to a bike shop to buy.

Keywords: Carbon Wheels

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Tour DE France: Tour DE France (English: Tour of France, French: Tour DE France) is road cycling sports world the widest influence, the scale is biggest, the game of the highest standards of international bicycle contest. Ring method Have 60 players took part in the game, eventually MaoRuiSi ยท cover the (Maurice Garin) became the world's first ring method and the total champion. Since 1903

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