Diet Noodles -loose weight quick

Diet Noodles -loose weight quick from Diet Slim Foods-Slim Me

By: Diet Slim Foods-Slim Me  29-Dec-2012
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Welcome to Slim Me Noodles You are absolutely going to love Slim Me Noodles. They are a precooked vegetable pasta that you can use to replace any pasta, noodle or rice meal. If you want something quick, easy and healthy to prepare, then Slim Me Noodles are the perfect choice. What's so good about Slim Me Noodles? slim me noodles Suitable for diabetics, coeliacs, gluten intolerant and any weight loss program Used throughout Asia as a popular diet food, Slim Me Noodles are eaten as a replacement for high carb foods and is a smart and healthy alternative. Slim Me Noodles - healthy, low carb, low calories, fun and easy. Where do we start? Slim Me Noodles offer a range of health benefits including: Health Benefits • Zero fat • Zero sugar • Zero gluten • Zero soy • Very low calories • Very low carbohydrates • High in soluble fibre • No preservatives • All natural • Low GI • Fast and easy to prepare • Versatile • Helps with weight loss • Makes you feel fuller for longer Weight Loss You will find that eating Slim Me Noodles in combination with other healthy foods will prolong the sensation of fullness. You can replace one meal per day with a low calorie recipe that includes Slim Me Noodles to reduce your caloric intake. You can substitute Slim Me Noodles for the carbohydrates in your meals eg: rice, potatoes, pasta etc. Slim Me Noodles have practically no calories (less than 5 calories per serve) so you can eat more and still stay within your desired intake of calories. In combination with an exercise plan, you can increase your metabolic rate to help lose unwanted weight and/or to maintain a healthy weight. Expands to Control Cravings and Appetite When consumed Slim Me Noodles will gently expand with water to keep you feeling full and to control cravings, appetite and over eating. By controlling your appetite and eating less, you will make progress towards your weight loss goals. Blocks Fat Absorption Slim Me Noodles contains an ingredient that has been shown to delay and block the absorption of some of the fats in your diet. This means that you absorb less fat from the foods you eat which helps decrease your overall calorie intake and will accelerate weight loss. Slim Me noodles will help you reach your weight loss goal.

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